Thursday, April 23, 2009

Junior off to the Native Youth Olympics

It was a beautiful day in Dutch Harbor Yesterday, and today looks Pretty good too!!
Lets hope it stays that way for the Cruise Ship Crystal Serenity arriving Tomorrow!
Junior and several of his Classmates are off to the Native Youth Olympics. What is that? Glad you asked..............
Native Youth Olympics

In the spirit of their ancestors, nearly 400 youth from across Alaska will assemble in Anchorage to demonstrate their skills in traditional Native games at the Native Youth Olympics.
Originating in 1972, the Native Youth Olympics provide insight into Alaska's rich cultural heritage, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Events at are based on games and life skills of past generations of Alaska Natives played as a way to test their hunting and survival skills, and to increase strength, endurance, agility, and the balance of mind and body.

The Events
Although the event origins are based on traditional Native activities, the competition is open to all students from seventh to 12th grade, regardless of ethnicity. Originating in 1972, the event has grown from to include more than 69 participating schools.

The Eskimo Stick Pull
A game of strength. Successful hunters must be able to pull a seal out of the water. This is no easy task while maintaining balance on snow and ice. Hand, back and leg strength are essential.
The Wrist Carry
A test of survival. This event has origins based on hunters being able to carry their game back to the village. Hunters had to develop endurance and strength in order to carry the game over a long distance.
The One-Hand Reach
A game to test a person's control over their body. If a hunter was to become lost on water, for example, they must know the skills to control their body in order not to panic and tip their kayak.
The Kneel Jump
Similar to the Scissor Broad Jump in that the hunters must develop the skill of quick movement to be successful in jumping from one ice floe to another. This game also develops leg muscles necessary to lift heavy game and carry it back to the village.
The Alaskan High Kick
A test of both the mind and body working together to maintain control.
The Seal Hop
A game of sheer endurance - to see how far a person can go on pure determination. This game originated from the hunter imitating the movement of a seal during the hunt.
The guys were being too nice in that first photo so I had them do some Bunny-ears!
Good Luck Guys!!
To help sustain Junior on his 3 hour Plane ride, the Boys in the Kitchen Made him up his favorite Chicken Strip Sandwich and I brought him a chocolate bar. (They serve Drinks and Chips on the Plane, so that's Ok.)
Everyone Wish him well, And we will try to survive Sunday Brunch Without him!!


Lou Dog said...

Best of luck Junior and Team! And thank you CB for the descriptions of some of the events. Sounds like a very cool opportunity for these young fellows to participate in these games!


Kim said...

Best of luck to Junior and the rest of the guys. You guys are so sweet to provide extra nourishment! Both body and soul! Hopefully Sunday Brunch goes well without him.

Dani said...

Good luck to them, sounds like fun!! lol Brunch just wont be the same...

Reading said...

Good Luck Junior and sounds like such a wonderful experience...and the events, I am so glad I don't have to do any of them!!!

cookie dough said...

I was laughing because the group in this pic are sooo not native. There is one from the Philippines, one half German half Japanese, one from Peru, one regular 'ol Seattle kid and mine who is mostly Norwegian and a bit native. But My kid is IM-ing me right now and says there are a total of 5 on the team that have native... He didn't place but had fun.

cookie dough said...

Jr just told me to go to
you can see the competition live --it goes through SAT.
So Alaskan!

Alena! said...

That is one burley bunch o' native kids! You can just see the indiginousness of them weeping out of their pores.

Carlisleboy said...

CD and Alena!!!
Shame on you!
If you read.......
The Events
Although the event origins are based on traditional Native activities, the competition is open to all students from seventh to 12th grade,
regardless of ethnicity.

Thankfully some people are more "Inclusive" than you two!!

valerie said...

Best of luck Junior, the team and all the kids.. what a great adventure!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should ask Alena! about back in the day when she was on the NYO team. And, BTW, where's my kulich? Did you give it away like I gave away your sea salts? LOL.

cookie dough said...

We're not being mean...we think it's GREAT that the student population...well the entire population of Unalaska is soooo diverse!
hmmm Alena! in NYO I want pictures!

cookie dough said...

ohhh I did catch Jr and PT carrying ET in the Wrist Carry (I think that's the name) on that live feed!!! Soo cool!

Carlisleboy said...

I gave it to CD to Give to Alena Unalaska!!

Carlisleboy said...

Can not leave it at 13!!!! Alena in The NYO Huh, Yeah, I think some pics are necessary. That stick Carry looks like it Hurts CD!!

cookie dough said...

I gave the 2 kuliches to Alena! Last I saw she was chewing...'jus sayin...

Margrita said...

GOOD LUCK TO JUNIOR AND THE REST OF THE TEAM. Cb the events sound very interesting thank you for sharing their description.n I know Sunday brunch will just have to get by without Junior's help.

Sue said...

Good luck Junior!!!!

cookie dough said...

Unalaska....your offspring claims she has no pics from her NYO days...says YOU would be the one to have them??