Monday, April 13, 2009

Late Post, Dinner with the family and What is A Burger Bundle?

Sorry For the Late Post today Everyone. We had some family business to take care of involving my Sister's Ex. Anyway, after a trying day no one wanted to cook so we went for Pizza at my sisters's Part time job, Fox's Pizza. It is a Pittsburgh based Pizza Franchise that just has REALLY good pizza and Sandwiches. Including Wedgies, (Wedgies are like a sandwich but served on a pizza crust instead of bun. Wedgies are served on a 9" pizza crust.) Hoagies, Stromboli and the Burger Bundle.
This Fox's is down in Ridgway PA, about a 15 minute drive from my Mum's Place, Down by the Railroad tracks. It my not look like much, But you would not believe how busy they are with Delivery orders!!
AND just WHAT is a Burger Bundle?
From the Website:
How it all got started:In the spring of 2003, we were searching for something to eat. We wanted a burger but one with something more than the typical bun. Since we were a pizza shop and loved the pizza dough texture, it seemed like a perfect friendship. We tried several versions and tests and each time the Burger Bundle got better.
Since then we have perfected the way we wrap them, and package the ingredients. Now after years of selling them to our pizza customers, who just loved them, we have ventured out to reach as many burger lovers as we can. So pick one up in your local store or if you can't find them, just give us a call and we'll ship you a case.

I got the Southwest one with bacon and cheese. It was really good. I am gonna have to have some shipped up to Dutch Harbor. OHHHHHHH, I am thinking maybe a Burger bundle Party Night!!! What do you say Alena, CookieDough, Unalaska, Lauri, April, Katherine, And Steve and Goldfish?

And Finally Remember everyone, Deadliest Catch Tomorrow night at 9pm!!! If you miss any of this season I feel sorry for you because it is Gonna Be GREAT!!! (Especially Tomorrow night with Captain Phil's Phone call, Keith's Greenhorn Issues, Sig and Matt, and the Time Bandit Hot Tub!!)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Looks pretty good! And BTW, do I sense you're becoming a political junkie?


Kim said...

That looks great. Burger Bundle. Gonna have to check it out. Wouldnt miss DC and Im dvring it.

Margrita said...

Burger Bundles are awesome I get a case shipped regularly love the Southwestern one. DC is going to be great I am ready so is my DVR.

Margrita said...

Burger Bundles are awesome I get a case shipped regularly love the Southwestern one. DC is going to be great I am ready so is my DVR.

mamawas said...

Thanks it sound like CB looked azt the playbook/storyboard for tonight's episode!!

Reading said...

I love Fox's Pizza, especially their meat lovers with the white sauce....I have enjoyed your visit with your family, almost has much as I am sure you have....can't wait for the pics of burger bundle night!!!


Bro, you had a southwest one minus the cheddar cheese, the gold bbq and the hot sauce! Not really SW!
glad to hear Margrita that you have them shipped regularly.

snowymistyriver said...

the greenhorn curse srikes again ?

Carlisleboy said...

Hey Now, I would never look at the playbook!! I just take the info I know from the timeperiod and look at the commercials and figure it out!
I am ALWAYS a political Junkie BZ!! I am just usually too busy to check out and comment on your blog in a timely manner. I also try to keep my blog non-political so that everyone can feel comfy here. The way this county seems to be headed though, I may just start a second blog to get my politics out there!!

cookie dough said...

Are you full yet?? Wow there is a lot to eat in PA..I think I've gone up a size just reading about it all!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

"Burger Bundle" ...well, that's just brilliant! If Pizza+Burger is wrong, I don't want to be right!

CB, loving the shots of your hometown! Enjoy the new season tonight! I know I will!

TanyaT said...

I don't recall any Sig/Matt scenes this week. Did I miss something?