Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Fish Fry, And some HUGE Chicken Eggs from my Uncle Raymond

So Today was a quiet day at home with my Mum and I going to Mass at 1pm. Then once my nephew got here and Ernie was done with Barn Work we headed up to my old grade school for the Fish Fry.

Mum, Ernie and Austin!
Good Old Saint Boniface grade School, where I went from Kindergarden through 8th grade.

I do not know about elsewhere in the country but "Fish Fries" during Lent are BIG BUSINESS here in North Central PA. My family goes to every one at the school, as well as all the Spaghetti Dinners, Chicken BBQ's, Bake sales..........etc. My Aunt Diane and Uncle Raymond are always in the kitchen for these events, and everyone comes. They seel about 500 on a regular night in 3 hours but expect up to 800 tonight.

As Always I just have to check out the Desserts First.......(And You thought the Dessert Buffet at the Grand was big..........)

Really weird to be eating in the cafertia where I ate every day in grade school. By the time we left every chair was filled.

They did not have Mt Dew so I had to drink Pepsi. (At least it was not Coke!!)

Ausitn is shy!!! (I am sure the girls in Unalaska can take care of that though.....)

Haddock with my Aunt's special breading, Baked Potato with Sour Cream, Fresh Rolls and Cole Slaw. (The Cole Slaw we do here in central PA is not with Mayo but with Vinegar, oil sugar and some spices, I really like it much better, although this was missing the Celery seed that I like in it.)

Once we got home Mum decided to make a Pumpkin Roll in addition to the Apple Pie she made today for Easter. (Pictures Tomorrow). I think she is also making a pumpkin pie tomorrow, from her own pumpkin. ANYWAY though, she uses Eggs that come from my Uncle Raymond. And they are BIG BIG eggs.

Just for Size Comparision........

Anyway, Off to rest up for the shopping trip to State College tomorrow.

Have a Great night everyone!



MaryC said...

Wow those eggs are huge! How big are the chickens?

Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon said...

You are missing the annual art show opening in the Makushin room. Reception style, very nice and fun to see our local talent. It is also Siranah Graves 17th birthday (secret) party in the Shishaldin room!! Lots of fun. And tomorrow is Ballyhoo Lions club free Easter breakfast! And our local kids swim meet! You are missing lots of fun, but I am glad you are having a great time with your family!! You can't beat being with family during the Holidays!! enjoy! Miss ya.....K

mamawas said...

Happy Easter CB

Kim said...

Yeah those are big eggs. lol. Sounds like a great time!

Reading said...

I remember a few of those fish fries myself...down here it is usually oyster roasts with boiled shrimp on the side....for me it is pasta, pasta and more pasta...none of that food that swims.....have a wonderful day tomorrow and an even better day on Sunday.....those eggs are would be fun to dye some that big and decorate them...

cookie dough said...

haddock?? What is that?

Those eggs are amazing!!
The food...ohh my gosh, the Lions are expecting maybe 200 tomorrow...I can't imagine all those people at a fish fry!

I missed the b-day party :( the boys went... YET another sick person in my house. Little sis has pneumonia and an ear infection...she did ask when you'll be home tonight... she is thinking of that clothing!!!

Lauri said...

Sorry I missed your departure CB! Looks like you are having a great time with your family....thanks for the good wishes when I was gone, and enjoy your "parole"...HUGE eggs! WOW...those WOULD be fun to decorate.

Margrita said...

CB love the fish fry pictures. We have them here often. I agree with you on the Cole slaw with vinegar and celery seed is better then the mayo kind. My local deli makes both. Those eggs are huge they would be great for decorating. Have fun shopping tomorrow.