Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve Brunch Post. Fireworks, Friends, Food, Fun, Facemasks and Pork And Saurkraut!!

Happy New Year!! From Dutch Harbor Dirt. The Above video was not shot where I wanted to be, but I had spent too much time with Freddie and Vanessa at the Unisea Bar to make it over to the "other Side" to get shots near the Church. This is taken down on the Unisea Dock where they offload crab. Not the best, but you get the jist of the evening!

Snow is FINALLY returning to Unalaksa! I love the island when it is so clean looking and white!!

It was a cold wet start to the morning..........

.......when Junior put out the smoothies,,,,,,,,,,

...and Eddie and Paul put out the hot buffet items.

Ok, Just a single piece of dessert! Remember your New Year's Resolution!!

The following two photos show what I did video instead of regular photos. At least that way I could get some of the sound. Plus I just loved the fireworks going off while I was down by the boats.

So, How did New Years Eve go for CB? Well First around noon I took some fish and chips over to Veda . She had been sick for a few days with the flu but finally came in and was Hungry. Well, I was not going to risk getting her plague so I suited up before taking over her food. Plus it gave her a good laugh to see me come marching in to her shop in this getup!!

Back at Home I placed all the fixings in my Crock Pot and set it to LOW. It was perfect by the time I got home from the bars that night!

After a quick nap at home in the afternoon it was off to Cape Cheerful at the Grand to begin the evening.

Miss H and Miss B, our wonderful Servers!

Alyssa kept the Jazz going all night and the Croud happy. So happy in fact that Todd Proposed to Katherine Finally!!!!!

And Laurie just looks tired already!!!

Lyd, Carm and Jovi...........better watch out fellas!!!

The Fabulous Dani!!

Miss S all caught up in her camera...........

Those Gals from Alaska Ship Supply are just so wild!!!

Laurie Tired again. Michelle there to keep her awake!

Paul and Miss CVB!

Alaska Ship gals..........Dangerous..........

Freddie and Vanessa's Midnight kiss..........

Guess who got the next one? (Thanks for the Loan Vanessa!!!)

Then it was time for the serious drinking to begin................

..........see, it was not the drinks I had! The world really did look like this at 2am! I got photographic proof!!

"Banktellers Gone Wild".................

"Postmistresses Gone Wild"...........
I'll have both sets of vidoes up for sale in a week or two...............LOL

Hope your night was a good as Mine!



mamawas said...

that red it an Aleutain tradition of some sort?

Fireworks lookedso nice glad the Unisea was the place to be this past Thursday night.

Reading said...

Looks like a great time was had by all....I hope your profit margin on the vids is high!!!LOL..........

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Sorry. Heavy sigh. I had to work. I visited your blog to enjoy New Years Eve vicariously.

BTW, CB, I REALLY like the photo in your masthead!!

VERY well done!!

Happy New Year CB, and thanks for stopping by!


Kim said...

Loved it. I spent a very fun filled evening with the babysitter. She is a riot. It was snowing too bad to go anywhere, so we just watched 2 comedy specials

I loved the brunch. Thanks for the pictures, and videos. Again thanks for the NW pics this week.

Lori said...

No, can't say this New Year's was a good one at all - rather boring. My daughter even deserted me. Thanks for the post - looks like your island had a grand time and glad the snow is returning - although, I just heard that a certain crew is stuck in Anchorage - bummer. Wishing you the best in the New Year! Hugs!

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