Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown, The next US Senator from MA

Now, I know this is a little Different But after seeing some of the hateful, biased and downright evil slams from the Main Street Media I could no Longer be silent. I usually try to keep my posts politically neutral so that all can feel welcome here in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. I always allow everyone to post their views free of Censorship or moderation (Except for Ad bots). However after watching this race for a few months I finally had to say something. If you are from Massachusetts (Notice I spelled the State Correctly, Unlike Martha Coakley in her campaign add) I URGE you to consider voting for Scott Brown.

The Media has been beating up on this guy for several months and yet the voters of MA have seen through the lies giving him a commanding lead in the Polls.
The Mainstream Media has advocated Voter Fraud:
They Have questioned the sanity of anyone "Daring" to question the Democrats "Right" to the "Seat of Ted Kennedy" (Which as Brown Pointed out is the People's Seat, Not the Kennedy's or the Democrats);
They have resorted to outright name-calling as if voters were all stuck in third Grade like them:
They can not even hide their bias on live TV (Listen to the Gasps of Amazement when the poll numbers are announced):
If the Media hates him this much Then I KNOW he is the Right Canidate!!

This is YOUR Chance Massachusetts , Do what is right.

Thanks To My Blog Friend BZ for first bringing this to my attention:


SB in Nebraska said...

I found your blog through DBA, and enjoy seeing "life in Dutch".

I just had to comment on your last comment about Brown. I have to agree with you that the more the media comes down on a candidate....the more I too KNOW that the candidate is probably the one for me!!

Thanks for the great pics of Dutch Harbor.

Frieda said...

Erm...splutter...fidget...I really wonder why the people I like the most have WAY different political leanings than I? Oh well, tis what makes our Country great! Love ya

Nebraska Outback said...

Thanks CB - I have been thinking this for a long time, but thought what is a poor blogger in Nebraska to do? Well, you proved that a poor blogger in Alaska can do it, and you really put it well! You know, there are little widgets you can add to your page so your posts can be shared on FB, Twitter, etc. I'll retweet your posting notice at least.

Margrita said...

I agree with you CB the more the media bashes a political candidate the more I am inclined to support that candidate. The sweaters you got CD are gorgeous!!!

Mary C said...

Thank you CB!!! Scott Brown is the man to take over Ted Kennedy's seat. I just got back from voting and now we wait!!!

Mick Muise said...

Hey CB...

I live here in MA, (have all my life) and all I have to say is that the media coverage here has been pretty balanced. (I can't speak for the rest of the country - just what has been presented in the news coverage locally).

Yes, there were A LOT of attack ads from the Coakley side, and they came pretty early on in the campaign and were steady throughout. I wouldn't call those "mainstream media" attacks tho - it was pretty clear they were ads and where they originated from.

I do not like attack ads (didn't like it when Bush used them, so I don't like it when Coakley uses them either), so that strategy always makes me feel a little less about the candidate who uses them.

I am an independent voter - I've NEVER voted along party (or issue) lines and don't particularly care for those on the left or the right who do. (Sorry, that just seems like mindless voting to me.) Instead, I like to look at each candidate as a person AND their views on certain issues. I call it my own personal vetting process. ;)

That being said, Scott Brown got my vote this morning. I realize that if he wins it will have more of a negative effect on some of the federal issues I care about (like health care) but I think Brown's plan for state-run health care is a better idea anyway. (Like he said - the country can learn from what went right and what went wrong here with the MassHealth system.) I really do believe he is better for MA than Coakley is. This state is just overrun by Dems and desperately needs a little more balance for centrists like myself. My vote was rooted more locally than it was for the rest of the country. ;)

And for all my fellow Massholes out there - just get out and VOTE!

And, as always CB, love the blog. Doesn't matter if I agree with all of your views politically - I love seeing your little view of Alaska! :)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It's CB, going political! Well no matter what, I'll still be your Blogosphere buddy!

Mick Muise: "Massholes." Wow. I like it!

Good job, CB!


Mick Muise said...

BZ - Yeah, we proudly call ourselves Massholes! Cuz, you know, we ARE most of the time! haha

Kimi said...

Im a very big democrat. So yeah I know how ya feel Frieda. I will refrain from posting comments about the election in general.

Kimi said...

I just read Mick's posts. LoL. Massholes. Im married to one so yah i can see it. Love ya Mick. Going with the politician that goes along with how you feel about issues. It's the best way to vote. Dem's usually vote along the lines how i feel, so that makes it easier, but i wont vote for someone who doesnt feel the way i do.

mamawas said...

great comments Mick!!!!
Brave CB to post political information.
I am a proud very conservative voter myself, but do not know enough to comment on this election.