Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Brunch, Amazing food, Junior Haircut, Deadliest Catch Boat Update, City Council and Bunker Hill walk! Whew! What a Week!

Welcome to another Sunday Brunch At the Grand Aleutian in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. As you can see, the other member of your Party, Mr Eagle, is already here waiting for you.
Let's just scoot around Paul from back at Halloween since he did not want to stand still today to take a picture.........

The snow is returning to the island, thankfully there is alot of great food to fill our tummies on such a cold day!

Lets start out with some Huevos Benedictos Latina with Corn Sopes, Chorizo Hollandaise Sauce, Ham, Chipotle and poached eggs.

If not, Chefboy and Eddie would love to make you up an omlette or waffle.

Now, a beautifully crafted Dish. Alaskan Halibut with Horseradish Cream, wasabi-beet Drizzle, and Crushed olives.

It's so good looking that the eagles have set up a permanent vigil on the lamp posts outside!

Rich really outdid himself on the food today. This dish is amazing. Seared Pork belly over noodles with a wonderful sauce that was spicy/sweet finished off with fresh mango, mint and cillantro. Amazing. Easily one of the best things I have eaten on the island, and just visually striking.

Hey Junior!! Where are the smoothies?!?!?!?

Is the new haircut slowing you down?

No matter. The desserts look amazing and that is what we really want.........

First a welcome back to Alaska Steve! The island was not the same without you. Here is your favorite Tug Hard at work out by the City dock.

It was pushing a large cargo freighter up to the Dock, Right behind the Farwest Leader. (Why they ever took the FL off DC I will never know. I really liked that boat)

The Aquila is the new Chase boat for DC, so I thought I would include a few shots.

I am happy to Report that all the DC boats have now left the Harbor. The Cornelia Marie Departed late yesterday evening. It will proably be a few weeks till we see any of them again as they are scheduled to do offloads up in Saint Paul before that harbor freezes up. Good luck Guys!

The Mighty Wizard. Kinda fun seeing them away from the Westward dock which is so high that you have to cross at the wheelhouse, instead of dock to deck.

They were shooting down on the TB so I did not want to get too close and mess up anything.

Caught a few good shots of an Eagle on the Wizard on my way back to the truck.

The Cornelia Marie down at the Delta Western Dock after their brief trip to Magones for drydock.

And Finally The Northwestern from a few days ago. Did not get them at the same time as the rest because they were away from the dock filming too when I was out that Way. For everyone who asks Jake seems to be doing as well as can be expected. I was asked to NOT put up anything on the blog about his dad. The Kid has alot going on right now and having everyone asking him his business is not helping. His family needs the money, so he needs to fish. That is the last I am going to say on the subject.

So It has been a busy week for me. Between a Full hotel, City Council meetings Including the wonderful Katherine , our amazing mayor and those Bad Boys of City Council.......

.........CVB meetings including Miss N right there in the middle texting at a city council meeting...LOL...........

....And showing Kyle around the island a bit.

Even though it was bit wet we still made the short climb up on arch rock, (Which still to me looks like a lion in the upper right portion)

Yeah Kyle, it was a bit breezy, Just wait till this week on Monday and Tuesday with the up to 75mph gusts!

One good thing about Strong gusty winds is they turn up some nice large pieces of Beach Glass!

Hopefully this week will not be as busy and I can blog a bit more for you all........not looking good though..........LOL. Oh well, at least I am never bored!


mamawas said...

The mango dish is my choice from the buffet this AM

Glad to see more typical weather in AK too.

Thanks for asking for privacy in personal matters ('nuf said we hope)


Reading said...

Food looks fantastic...and thanks for the boat pics...prayers for all...

Cookie Dough said...

yum!! I love those Meixcan sopa-huevos whatever they're officially called!
JEALOUS of the sea glass...I so wanted to get out there this week :(
You're just too busy for little ol me!

Kimi said...

HUGS. Thanks for the updates. The brunch looked amazing as usual.

Mary C said...

It all looks wonderful CB! Thanks for all the updtes. I love the eagle pictures. Have a great week!

Cori said...

Beautiful pictures as always ... yum yum buffet!!! And yes we must respect Jake's privacy his family has been going through too much already ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update here. Nice pictures. I realize that the Billikin is no long on that show but what about an update on them? Is Jeff still on there? Or is he back on the Bountiful? Just wonder if you knew?

Margrita said...

CB I am with CD on the Mexican Huevos they looked super yummy. Brunch was awesome your pictures are great love the eagle joining in great view to look at. Thanks for all the updates on the DC boats, glad Jake is doing as best as possible. You are super great to respect his privacy in his personal business Kudos, for doing that. Glad you got some beach glass the beach pictures are terrific. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of the boats are always welcome, but we want pictures of the guys!

Lori said...

Glad to see the island is getting sum snow - looks pretty now! Thanks for the update on the boats and glad they're all out fishing. Hope all goes well and that the harsh winter is not too bad this year up in the Bering Sea! I miss Sunday brunch - the halibut looks heavenly! Take care!

Sue said...

Alaska looks so beautiful! I love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

so when I rode over to Dutch from here in the FWL I was BS-ing with Greg and asked how come the FWL isn't on the show... I guess he got tired of them trying to make him argue with his wife and be an a$$hole to the crew. And from what I am guessing it sounded like the camera crew was in his way... He likes the show and all.. just didn't want to put up with any BS to make the show look that much better. You know what I mean? I understand him on that part. Hell I thought he was an ass from how he was portrayed on the show, but in real life Greg is an awesome guy who is just doing what he's been doing for the last 25 years!!

Food looked great!! Wish this weather wasn't so bad so I can get some grapes... LOL... :P

Dont' work too hard over there now! Take care, keep in touch and much luv!! <3

MsGiantsFan said...

Thanks for your thoughts & the pics CB!

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