Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Continental Brunch? It was one of "Those" weeks. Still a quick walk round Ballyhoo with Derick and Alicia

Did you ever have one of "those" weeks? Starts out great and then goes rapidly downhill? The Kid of week when nothing you do comes out right, you are getting hit from all sides and then you get a Cold on top of it? Well imagine that and then getting a massive Sinus Infection on top of it and you have my week.

Still though The beginning of the Week was good, Memorial Day, Walks with CD and AG, and the departure of a particular Person that has given me headaches for a year. (NOT SUSAN!! In fact when she left that was when the week started going bad!!) Anyway, I am at home Unable to sleep so I am doing this blog Now and will set it to auto post. I have a ton of great pictures, on my computer at work, from this week. Unfortunately I did not transfer them to my laptop yet so we are left with only a few for today's post. The Perscriptions that I am on are kicking my butt so I will probably spend Sunday in bed. Have to go back to the Clinic on Monday, and, nice as they are, I really dread it. Really hope this clears it up and I do not have to fly out for something more 'surgical' in nature as was hinted at. I have WAY to much to do this summer to have time to do that!
Anyway, with that crap out of the Way, Miss M begins today's blog because I need a laugh!
Something else to laugh about this week was the Truck spraying off the roads and Absolutely Drenching some people who did not get out of the way. It was funny because really, it is not like he can shut it off as he is working, and it is so loud that NO ONE would be able to ignore it or have it "Sneak Up" on them. For Gosh sakes people! Take a look around when you are walking on the road!
Anyway though, we had a couple of Amazing Days here, bright blue skies and warm temperatures.
And speaking of couples that make me smile, Derick and Alicia asked me to go for a walk with them the other day.
Derick had never actually gone around Ballyhoo on the Beach so since the Gate to the top was still closed we decided "Why Not?" This is the couple posing at the Anchor point for the giant chain that was stretched across the Bay During WWII to prevent enemy incursions.
Also from that time Pill Boxes still dot the island.....
....and ones that are accessable too often get trashed by idiots who never heard of a trash bag!
All the sunlight is really bringing out the green on the least where the snow is melted.
A line depository down on that end near the Giant Burn Barrels.

As we crossed into the shadow on the side of Ballyhoo the wind was picking up a bit and the waves were crashing.

And as we hunted for beach Glass and other "treasures" we talked about the kid's upcoming trip to Europe. Alicia and I discussed art at the Louvre that she simply has to see, and Derick......was Derick.....LOL

You can actually see the ancient Magma flows that made the island stretch from the base of Mt Ballyhoo (NOT a Volcano, but a Giant Flow itself) all the way out into the sea in some areas.

And the tidal pools show the amazing pink/salmon color of the rock.

We were heading for this tower off in the Distance........

...but the tide was coming in as was the Wind so we headed on back.

Aren't they just Precious? LOL
AWWWW!! He kept the Pumpkin part.....or was he just to lazy to wash his truck?
A view Down the "Spit" towards the docks.

Also, Alaska Ship got in some flowers so I just have to try some Landscaping at the Hotel.
English Daisy's, SnapDragons and Poppies are all in the "Grand Experiment" this year. Whatever Grows well this year will be added to next year.
The Fate of those not thriving will be brutal.
Some people talk to plants, I terrify them.
Hey, it works!

Anyway, Now that I got that negative energy out I will start out with a fresh new attitude for the new week!

Have a great Day and week everyone!


mamawas said...

Brian I love Unalaska from your blogs!!!

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon. poor baby. don't let them cut on your sinuses. it rarely works. get a seccond or a third opihnion.

Reading said...

sorry to hear you are having sinus trouble again - sinus surgery was the best thing I ever did - email me if you have any questions...have you tried a neti pot...

Anonymous said...

You have to get better. I'm arriving in just over 3 weeks and you have to be there! Looking so forward to meeting you and getting in on that Sunday brunch! Feel better soon.

Margrita said...

CB get better soon. Sinus infections can be nasty and just really make you feel horrid. I hope the antibiotics will clear it up soon and you do not have to go the surgical route. What a gorgeous walk the pictures are awesome. I really like the colors of the rock in the tidal pool. I hope the flowers will be hardy and thrive. Hope you have a better week.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts CB. The city truck can shut off the water at anytime.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Again, Brian, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS sir! BTW, what kind of camera do you use for these shots?


Audreya said...

I'm sorry about your sinus problems. I was also going to suggest the neti pot... so I'm glad to see you already have one, but sorry it's not working better. When I am going through a particularly bad rough patch with mine, I have to use two packets of the mix. It burns, which is a bummer since one packet is totally comfortable, but it does help. Or maybe use it twice a day if you aren't already. Feel better!!

Beautiful pics, as always!

DCjosh said...

Another great week of awesome pictures.