Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grill feast with an Eagle, New friend, Dylls says a naughty word, Beach walks, Lupines and Bella!

So a group of us met up at the Harbor Grill at the Unisea Inn last night for some great burgers, Gyros, pizza, tenders halibut and salads.
From the Left there is new Friend SH, AG, CD, Manderzz, Dylls and Finally AX.
While there the Bar's patron Eagle stopped by right outside our window.

This Eagle has become a favorite of the patrons and is often "treated" to some tasty snacks that my have been "dropped" outside.

In fact Half a Slider may have been put outside once he appeared. You may notice in Close ups that this eagle only has one eye, and so he is a bit more Scavenger than most, but still beautiful
Anyway, when we were done it was off to Glass Beach to work off a few Calories and indulge our addiction to Beach Glass!
The "Green" is slowly creeping up the Mountains, though slower this year due to all that snow in March.
Dylls makes a quick escape to the beach after muttering a bad word when we forgot to open the back door on AG's SUV for him.

New Firend SH was just introduced to Beach Glass collecting today and she took right to it!
AG with a prize piece of Clear white!
Now, Who is Up for a Game?
Find AX!

There he is!! Love the Zoom on my new Camera!

With the Start of "B" Pollock Season boats are coming an going all the time in town now on the way to or Back from the fishing grounds.
There is the Hickory Wind out of Westward Seafoods
And After much patience a real find for me, A yellow!
The Lupines are just starting to give a hint of thier true beauty......

In about a month this will be a walk through a garden of them.

It's Amazing what our little town can do! Just a few Shirts and some Pamphlets from Unalaska/Dutch Harbor helped raise a couple of hundred dollars for my friend Cheri's Cancer relay in California.
Glad to help Cheri, anytime!

Another friend Chip sent these along to me. One is a Mountain Dew Lip Balm and the other is a blessed card of Saint Benedict. This means the world to me Chip! Thanks!
And the Other day it was a trip to Summer Bay and Jefferson Beach with CD and Bella.

The Wind had really blown up alot of seaweed so the going was messy over the rocks.

But some things like this mini "garden" in the rocks make it all worthwhile.

Why Hello President Jefferson. It's been a while.

While we were there a Coast Guard Hellicopter flew over head. Prayers to Whomever they are helping.

And now something ultra cute to end the Day with! Bella in the lupines!

And CD's Big find of the day, a Great big Blue!
Have a nice day everyone!


mamawas said...

What an awesome place on God's earth! I am full of anticipation.

Reading said...

Glad to know the Lip Balm and the St. Benedict card made it. I need to email you a pic she took in Rome so you can see how close she was to the Pope...I love the rock garden that is so cool...I truly have yet to see a pic of Dutch that wasn't beautiful....

Cookie Dough said...

FUN POST!!!! Wish the weather was decen today :(
...geeez I should start taking pictures again....although how can I carry water, the gps (have to keep track of the miles hiked) the leash, Bella AND a camera....sighhhh
On to kicking your butt in bowling!!

Margrita said...

CB a truly gorgeous set of pictures. Lupines and Bella just perfect. Spring is definitely popping up all over the island.What a great walk and beach glass finding. Great lunch how nice that the patrons look after the eagle he is a magnificent bird. Hee hee Dylls and his dirty word opps I see scrubbing cars in his future for bad words. Have a great week do not work to hard.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Hey CB!! If your not too busy this Saturday, I'd like to make a lunch date with you for we are coming over on the ferry!! I got a dog sitter for my chi's!!

Love your pix!! hope the weather is nice this weekend.... now to see about trenting a car :P

<3 April, Demetri Jr, Veronika & the pups!

Kimi said...

wonderful pictures CB.


Wish we were there!

Lori said...

Been on vaca for over a week and what a great post to come back to - missed you! Love the eagle pics - he's huge! Looks like you're finally having some nice weather too!

Aunt Krissy said...

brought back good memories looking at the beach pics. I used to live in DUT. Friends and I would go camping on a beach just past Summers bay. The road back then to that beach was almost gone, probably not there anymore.