Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's a blustery Day up Dutch Harbor Way....
....So stay inside and Enjoy the Brunch!

The Halibut with saffron and pine nuts looks quite nice,
As does the Chicken, though since it has little bits of shrimp on top I can not eat it!

And the Desserts, as always look great!
Well it has been a tough two weeks for me, but that does not mean life around here stops!
Let me show you a few of the things that I have been up to even with being sick.

Three of my favorite ladies on the Island, Margaret Lekanoff, Denise Rankin and AB Rankin help to put together the fundraiser for Camp Q , a Children's retreat in August on the Island where the kids learn native skills, culture and dance.
Of Course, like every other event on the island there just has to be food! this time it was Chili Donated by the Grand Aleutian Hotel.
Another staple of fundraisers here is the Silent Auction
Kayla, one of our new Prep cooks joined me on this little excursion today. So here is a picture of her at her first Official Fundraiser!
Most of you can see CB friend, and awesome artist, Pattykins there in the center with her Daughter just back from College.

Once done with that I took Kayla on a little walking tour around "Downtown" Unalaska. Above you can see the Salmon Berry Bushes are just starting to bloom.

Down on the beach Kayla discovered her first piece of Sea glass!

Over at the Church, Kayla was truly blessed by having an eagle be perched on the tallest cross while taking this photo. Thanks For a Great Walk Kayla!

I could not decide which one of these I like the Best so I am including Both

Someone must have thrown out something tasty because the eagles were certainly swarming the Small Boat Harbor Docks.

And the Lupines are just about ready to release their brilliance.
So the next few photos are taken from a walk CD and I did all around Little South America

Bella had a wonderful time!

And we found Tons of awesome seaglass!

We also got to ake an up close look at the new small boat harbor.

Happy CD and her Treasures!

On the way back to the car the fog started rolling in so I took a quick video

On ANOTHER Hike with CC, AG, Sugar and Bella AG was the first to score some seaglass, and a Blue one at that!!! JEALOUS!

We were among the first to see that the Puffins are back at their nesting spot.

Soon this will be lupine alley, I swear!

Another Day another event, this time the two most important guys in Pattykins life were having a Brithday, so why not open up the bowling alley?

Of course very few bowling alley's have views like this!

Manderzz, Alicia

Dylls (looking a bit ragged after a bike accident) and Derick all were there with CD and Pattykins!

I've lost a few pounds on Nutrisystem as you can see.......

Though it did not help my bowling game.........

It was also the Safeway manager's Birthday so .........

......there was a ton of cake and a ton of Smoke!

Next up took a lunch meeting out to Morris cove to see the horses and discuss hotel business.

See, sometimes meeting are not so bad.............

Finally, had to see the kids off at the airport for the Art Club's trip to Europe.

Both CD and AG are worried about MS, Derick and Alicia. They will be Fine Guys!!

I promise AG. MS will have the time of her life!

Ok, CD, that "Fine" comment does not apply if Derick keeps annoying Alicia. Lets hope it does not happen in the Catacombs under Paris or this may be the last shot of the Boy!

Have fun, Be Safe and Don't do anything I would!!

Have a great day everyone!


mamawas said...

Hey Bella has a dog buddy!!!
Wonder what is embossed on CD's sea glass?

Margrita said...

CB awesome pictures the Russian Orthodox Church I like them both just gorgeous. Yummy looking fruit tray for brunch as well as yummy halibut. Wow you have had a busy week. The fund raiser looked awesome lots of great items. Bowling looked like fun. I know the group of young people will have a great trip and all will enjoy it. What great Bella pictures those walks looks like such fun and great beach glass finds. Have a great week.

Kimi said...

hope the kids enjoy their trip!!

Cookie Dough said...

GREAT pics my long lost pal! The other dog is Sugar, AG's dog :)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, those buffets always look great!

BTW, GREAT new masthead photo!!


Mary C said...

The pictures are great! I love the church and you look awesome too! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Look at you, your always hanging out with pretty girls.

Anonymous said...

Is Abe the New Manager at Safeway?

Anonymous said...

miss you from Texas!!!!

watersprite said...

wow, you look great!

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Beautiful plate of fruit - it looks soo yummy!!

The kids are going to have such a blast on their trip.

Your looking good CB! Keep it up!

Sorry to hear that you've been sick, hope you feel better and soon!

If I find a dog sitter I'll come over on the next ferry, the rain coat and vest were super cute! thanks!!

Much luv to ya!
<3 April, Boy, Roni and the pups!

PS My wedding date was changed to the 25th of next month just to let you know! Keep in touch now and take care!