Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July! Sunday Brunch, Walks, Beach Glass, TV Ad CD, AG Leaving for Vacation, YMCA?, Vogue?, Hill Rolling, Flowers, Eagles and Kyle Gone

Happy 4th of July From Unalaska and the Port of Dutch Harbor!

I Hope it will be as Beautiful as it was earlier this week for the Parade and then the Fireworks at Midnight!
No Food Today........ Having Brunch with MamaWas Who is visiting today before we head to the Parade and other 4th Pictures from Brunch on Monday/Tuesday Along with Fireworks and Parade photos. It has been a Nice week up here. Lots of Walks and activities before CD and Family go off on Vacation, with AG following this next week. (Leaving Poor CB all Alone...still got an Awesome trip planed for September to make them Jealous!)

An Introduction to Constructive Littering with CD Showing Manderzz How we "Restock" Glass Beach.......

Bella is hiding her head in shame.........
The Wildflowers are really starting to come out al over the island......From Glass Beach......
To Bunker Hill.......

.........To out on the Spit, with the
Lupines Really Leading the way. Bellow you will see the Rare Bella Cuteous Maximus, Seen here stalking among the Lupines to attack her favored prey, Homo Sapiens, which she brutally attacks with kisses and snuggles. A truly horrifying experience, much to greusome for a Family Blog.

I love this one stand of almost White lupines out on the Spit. Looks like it is expanding a bit every year.

Now, On to stupid TV Ads that CB bought, here is Depil-Silk, which CB bought for some "Manscaping".
Product came as advertized, but the free "gifts" that you pay a buttload of extra shipping for....well they were CRAP!!
The "Hair Removal Cloths" were the Cheapest Pieces of Crap I have ever seen, and As an Executive Housekeeping Manager I know my terri-cloth!!
The "Deluxe Hair Drying Wrap" is one of those "Sham-Wow's" Sewn into a sorta long Hat.
And the "Resort Style Satin Robe" is so thin that it would only be used at a Nudist Colony.
Yes, Yes, Yes, Stupid CB!
Now back to our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Bella, Manderzz, CD, Sugar, Sam, and AG joined me for a hike up Bunker Hill Before CD and Family left on Vacation.

The Pups took off after some Birds about 1/4 way up the Hill and we found them then about 1/2 way up, tired and breathless, but very happy at the Chase.

AG posing on one of the Old Gun Turrets,
A Cute one of Me and Bella,
And Finally was just That kind of Silly Giggly Night.

Like everyone trying to get photos of Manderzz "Lifting" the Bunker.

The Classic Iconic Shot of "Dutch Harbor" I Dont Care What AG's Mum Says, I love her smile!!

Hog Island is Finally GREEN!!!
And Because I have not shown MT Dew Love Lately.........

Vogueing on Buker!!

And Now AG Demonstrates the Proper way to roll down a hill.........

We all about laughed ourselves silly!!

And Just like that They were GONE!!! (Dylls has a truly tragic haircut, thus the Hoodie until it can be repaired)

Another Friend Also Left this week, Say goodbye to Kyle Everyone!

Another walk up Bunker, this time sans dogs so the Ground Squirrels were everywhere!

Even a Lone Eagle was there to say Goodbye on the Bunker.

Kyle by Bunker.

Kyle and Dutch Harbor Kyle and Captain's Bay

Kyle and Unalaska.

Why is Kyle Looking a bit grumpy......It might be his fear of heights and the Fact that I wanted to go down the "Front" way....which is a bit steeper.......thus leading to him standing in a hole for a while......

It's really not that Bad........I promise!!

See, You survived!!

Anyway, Happy 4th Everyone, more pictures on Monday or Tuesday!!


mamawas said...

Brian is without a doubt the host with the most!
How much bragging is allowed here? I have witness his ongoing and forward thinking kindness to his employees. He comes in on days off to offer rides to all to community activities. Everyone is his friend. gush... gush...
I bet we combine pix for the next blog post, I took pix of Brian taking pix!!

Margrita said...

Happy Fourth of July I am glad you had a great one. Wow the lupines are just gorgeous as are all the great scenic pictures. I love the pouncing Bella monster LOL. I am so glad you get to take such wonderful pictures on your walks to share the views with us thank you. I know brunch was yummy and the sea glass finding great. The free gifts what a scam they seem to send the cheapest things as free gifts these days. Have a great weekend.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Waitaminnit Waitaminnit Waitaminnit Waitaminnit Waitaminnit Waitaminnit Waitaminnit.

You mean to tell me that Glass Beach gets its name because people go down there and break beer bottles all over the place??


Cookie Dough said...

How else can you get glass on a beach??? someone has to do it..and I never break beer bottles unless we find them there (gross!) it turns back to sand eventually, right? lol lol lol
Can't wait to see what the Amaretto bottle and AG's crazy vase look like....has the mystique of our island just been shattered??

Mystic said...

LOVED the pics in this one CB...brilliant!!!!