Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Bella Walk With Derick, Alicia, Some Salmon and a few Eagles

To ensure that Bella is getting her walks and exercise I went with Derick and Alica for a walk along Front Beach with Bella.

Bella's new Stick that she carried the entire walk.

It's our good Friend Sharon and Her Husband Caleb out fishing Salmon off Front Beach by their house.

She is behind on her blog in this busy season so to see more about Salmon check out Dan's Blog.

Chaseing a thrown stick is perfect exercise for for puppies!

Though Mean old Derick kept throwing it further and further out in the water.

Still Bella got it every time!

Near the End of the walk we put Bella back on her leash because there were lots of eagles on the Beach picking at the Scraps and innards that Sharon threw out.
We avoided the Eagles because it is that time of year...........

When Nesting eagles are very defensive of their nests...........

.....especially this famous one near the Post Office.

So we wisely left the eagles on the beach alone....

See CD, Both of your Babies are fine!


Cookie Dough said...

....big sigh.... Thank you! It looks absolutely miserabley cold there :(
Hope it gets better in a couple days!!!

mamawas said...

Bella it is cold in the water girl!!!

I recognize each spot a pix was taken at. I am contemplating kindnesses to send y'alls way, not sure what to do. I know the need will come and I intend to respond!!!

Margrita said...

Bella pictures thanks CB she has really grown. I love her chasing her stick. Hee Hee derrick was giving her a bath that is why he keep throwing the stick in. Mom might not like that LOL. The eagles are beautiful so gorgeous. The island is just alive with the greenery.