Sunday, July 11, 2010

Derick Alicia and SP home! Bella with her Boy, Sunday Brunch with MamaWas, Today's Brunch, Parades, Fireworks, Bering Sea, Crab Adventures and Eagles!

First a Shot For CD; Derick and Bella Are safe at home! Now Relax and get back to your vacation!
We got a lot to get through today so you better get some food before we start. The Crepes above (Apple, Banana with raspberry and chocolate were divine)
The Salmon and Chicken were quite good too.

Maybe some Hummus and Pita?

And Of course dessert.

The Weather has been strange this week after the 4th. Cold, Windy, Rainy, then Sunny in spots before massive fog banks sweep in. All of Dutch Harbor was in this little pocket of Sun the other day for HOURS while in Unalaska the Fog was dense and cold. Life on the Aleutian Chain....

The island is still "Greening Up", but unlike last year at this time the snow has not melted yet on the furthest mountains.
Pleanty of people are still coming here though, There in the Harbor in Yellow and Black is the Shell Oil Icebreaker. Now if Obama would only stop taxing working people to pay for all those on the dole in his big cities were all the stimulus money was basically thrown down the drain to support welfare cases and actually get to work on PROVIDING AMERICAN ENERGY TO AMERICA............ Seriously, we could have been Drilling in a Tiny pinprick of Land in the Alaska Wildlife Preserve (Which is actually BIGGER than the entire area affected by the Gulf Oil Spill) and done it SAFELY, ON SOLID LAND!!! BUT NO, Obama and the Idiot Environmental Lobby Want all these Wells Way out at sea where they can not be seen from the Decks of Their Yachts and Private Compounds on the Beach (Yeah, that was a Kennedy Shot). Instead we keep buying Oil from countries that pollute the earth 1000X more than we do and that like to kill us and our soldiers. I am actually beginning to think that the Democrats and the Environmentalists are both Homicidal and Suicidal. Remember you cant's spell "Enviromental" without "Mental" We have the resources HERE! USE THEM while we move to cleaner forms of energy. Instead of shipping all that money to terrorists, reinvest it here in AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS! All we need to get this country back on it's feet again is a resurgence in AMERICAN MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTION. What is holding this Back? The Environmental Lobby, The EPA, and the crooked Organized Labor groups that brought Obama to power. America is the greatest country on Earth, and all we need to do to regain our place is to vote those crooks out of Power in November.

OK, Sorry for the Rant, Back to the Blog.

Back up at the Airport a VERY important flight was coming In.......
It Contained SP (Alena's son, Sharon's grandson)
And Derick and Alicia!
Lots of Happy Smiles and Hugs!

And those smiles continued at the Grocery Store when Alicia Caught up with friends there.

I just Had to Take Derick to the Grocery store since someone left no food at home for him.......

Then It was off to Pick up Bella!!!
"Mommy is in so much trouble when she gets home let me tell you!"

And it was supposed to be Roger's Mum's Last day here.........

But the Flights all got cancelled due to fog. (Probably Roger's Fault Somehow!) So My next round of Unisea Japan folks will spend another night in Anchorage and Kay will spend another night here........heck, she used to live here and is used to it!
So Over the Past week I have been showing off the island quite a bit to visitors....
.........From some of our honored Guests from the Japan branch of Unisea here at Memorial Park.....

And then on Mt Ballyhoo and Ulakta Head.

To Last Sunday Brunch with Kayla, and ...........


(Had to show her how to use the Crab Cracker)
Then it was on to the Fourth of July Parade
Some of my Housekeepers came along for the ride. Michael his wife Anna and Lydia there in the back.
AG and Family were there as well, all set up for maximum Parade action.

The Scouts started out the Parade.......

Followed by the Police and Fire Departments.

Say HI to Alaska Steve Everyone!!!

Next Came the Bicycles!
Look at AG's son Alex Right there in the middle in the Blue Hoodie!

Candies are tossed out by the parade floats and everyone scrambles for the "Best" Candies.

There's a new Sheriff in town.........well actually it's the new Doctor, Greg Culver!
Doc, this is gonna be uncomfortable if you tell me to bend over and cough............
Then it was the Award Winning Unisea Float!!
Congratulation Sky, Fernando and all the other people who helped out!

Then it was the Unisea Freshmen!
The NSK Freshmen Program is a fourteen year UniSea tradition. Every Summer we welcome a select group of students from different Japanese Universities, usually the "best of the best in their classes" they stay in UniSea for about two weeks and live and work on the premises pretty much as the rest of our processors.
UniSea is one of the few places within the Nissui family that provides a comprehensive overview of the product process. At the end of their stay the freshmen share their thoughts and offer suggestions to improve the production processes. Some of their suggestions have been adopted by UniSea.

There is our good friend Jessica in Her brand new Painted truck!!

Then it is the Always Fabulous Girl Scouts!!

Roger's Mum in a WWII Era vehicle.
OH NO!!!! Dan and Alaska Steve are BOTH working for Fire/EMS Now as volunteers!
Nothing good can come of this!
Then it was off to the Carnival at the Elementary school.
AG and Alena!!

Then it was off on a trip up Overland Pass..........

So that Mike, Anna, Lydia and Mamawas could check out a different pespective of the island.....

.........and do one of my favorite things, just play in the clouds!

Then it was off to see in person the Fireworks that grace the front Cover of our visitors Guide.

Thankfully AG invited us to her fire as the temperature was dropping a bit......though it was not as cold and windy as last year.
The bonfires were just being lit as we got to the beach
PattyKins and Family were nearby.
And Lydia and Marissa came along as well!
AG had one of the most "popular" Bonfires because the kids think she is "cool"!

Midnight and there is still pink in the sky......gotta love Alaska!

Mamawas, AG and Sam waiting by the fire........

And some locals letting off some fireworks of their own. Check out my post a few days ago for the videos since my camera does not take good fireworks Photos.

Then it was more adventures with Mamawas, From Pyramid Peak.......
To Mt Ballyhoo and Ulakta head.
Yup, playing in the clouds is fun!

More Iconic Shots for her photo album.........

And Eagles, Eagles Eagles Everywhere!

Then it was on to something everyone who watches Deadliest Catch dreams About......actually go crabfishing!
A HUGE thanks to Dan for taking Mamawas and I out.

Mamawas with her first Crab! A Juvie King.

Then A Baradi.

Then a really full pot!

Kiss it MamaWas!!

The Church from the water at front beach.


There is a blast from the past for Long Term watchers of Deadliest Catch and it's predecessors, the Fierce Allegience!
And Finally to end the Day a Juvie Eagle down on the Small Boat Harbor.

Have a Great Day and week everyone!


Cookie Dough said...

still sad, but thank you!! That pic of Bella snuggling you is guys had fun even without me :( I shouldn't be so sad...I'm in 93 degree weather!! to the little gym.

Margrita said...

CB awesome pictures brunch looks yummy love the fruit and smoothies. Glad derrick made it back safe and sound I know Bella was happy to see one of her humans. You have been busy wow. Love the July Fourth parade shots looked like fun for all. All the visitors you showed around got a great tour, you make sure they get to see everything possible. Have a good week.

emarienan said...

CB: Just love your do a fantastic job of sharing what it is like up there...I am down on Long Island. Can't get over all the eagles...seein eagles is a REAL treat down here...generally have to go up along the Hudson River in winter to see your posts about the lupines and beach glass...i love glassing...

mamawas said...

I have your pix up on my facebook our mutual friends have access to all of your daring rock ladge adventures! Feel free to post them as you see appropriate.

Laura47 said...

Bella is such a beauty! And all the eagles are just amazing. I love your photos of life there; you really help those of us in the lower 48 get a sense of what it's truly like. Just looking at the way everyone was bundled up on the 4th of July is rather instructive!

And because I can't resist, I don't want to get into a political argument with you. I do want to say one thing, however -- thanks to careless drilling in the Gulf, the nation's second largest fishery has been destroyed, probably for at least a generation. Can we really trust the oil companies not to do the same to the Bering Sea fisheries? I really doubt you'd ever want to see that happen to all the people you've learned to love. So do consider that as a potential consequence when you talk about more offshore drilling, okay? I know you're a thoughtful guy, and I don't want you to overlook the fact that our fisheries are very fragile and subject to almost instantaneous destruction when we screw up.

Reading said...

Looks like you had a great 4th...I was down in Sarasota for the first race of the TIme Bandit Offshore Racing boat driven by Travis Loftland from the was lots of fun and we had great fireworks, too

Carlisleboy said...

Never apologize for your opinion. Unlike those currently occupying the White House I value and appreciate divergant points of view, and it is your God Given Constitutional Right to express them, something the Obama adminstration with their Internet Censorship laws are trying to Quash.
I am NOT in favor of drilling in the Bering Sea, but I am in favor of more LAND BASED drilling, such as in the ANWR. It is safer, Cheaper, and can provide us with alot of the energy this counrty needs until alternatives become available that are not simply "pie in the sky" ideas.
I do think though that the Biggest Consumers of Oil should take more risks. There is alot of Oil off of California and they consume almost 20% of this nations usage. They should HAVE to supply some of thier own.Fair is Fair. Why should Small (Population wise) states like LA and AK have to take the rish to our lands to supply the Fat pig that is California? Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

i hope everything will be ok i pray for you i miss you

Anonymous said...

i do not know how to work this thing could anyone tell me i like to leave a note to my cousin