Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deadliest Catch Video of the Wizard and Videos From Egypt.......Finally got the program to Download them!

So I FINALLY found the disc to download the program to download the videos from my new camera. I can now show off some of the ......slightly illegal.......videos I took over there...

Like this one at the Tomb of Inefrt, 5th Dynasty Over 4,500 years old. It is amazing that it is still standing, let alone the fact that you can see some of the paint still on the amazing carvings inside.


The Next two videos show kids working on handmade silk rugs. If you remember the photos from the Egypt trip we visited the factory/school on one of our side trips. The Kids work about 8 hours a day and go to school for about 6. The Local villagers fight to have their kids accepted at the school/factory because they receive a much better education there then at the State Run Schools.....
Can you imagine American Kids going to class for four Hours, Having Lunch, then working eight hours until Dinner then two more hours of class before bed? We really do not know how good we have it!

These two Videos (Above and Bellow) were taken in Aswan. The First shows the Feculla Ride to the Island of Phalae, a Garden of lush plants and flowers surrounding and Amazing temple Dedicated to Hathor (Cow goddess, also of love and music) and Isis, the Queen of the gods. Two of my favorite people Sasha and Jo are featured in the first video and the next one is taken Inside. Now you really were not supposed to take photos in the side temples, but that says nothing for videos.....


Next up the Amazing Hippostyle hall at the Great Temple of Thebes in Luxor.
Then A poorly shot video of some dolphins from our diving adventure in the Red Sea.


And Finally to Warm us up a wonderful Sunset on the Nile from the Deck of the Cruise Ship Neptune.
And Just at the start of the King Crab season I happened to Catch the Wizard docking next to CD's Hubby's Boat the Stimson! You can see Lynn up on the pots with the line and if you listen you can hear Keith Barking some orders.

Ok, Out of here for now. enjoy everyone!


Kimi said...

very cool CB. god I kinda wanna go visit Egypt more now. It looked awfully hot.

Love the videos, and loved the one of the Stimson and Wiz. That is one pretty boat CD

CrazdDreamer said...

That Wizard video was pretty cool.Keith pulled that thing in there like it was the easiest ting to do! And Egypt? I'm jealous! It looks like you had a blast!

mamawas said...

thanks for the video downloads...love being an "armchair traveler" to Egypt.

DG said...

Awesome as the pictures you took. Amazing what they were able to accomplish without modern day technology and it is still existing after thousands of years.

Mary C said...

I love the videos CB! It's neat to see you show yourself in the videos for us that live so far away from you! Glad you enjoyed Egypt keep the videos coming!!

Cookie Dough said...

lol think pulling a vessel alongside that dock on the outside IS the easiest thing ever! Try the inside on a windy day...that is tough :)
I miss you CB....but then you posted videos you weren't supposed to take...makes me sad.

terrig said...

Egypt-what a wonderful trip and how lucky you are to have been able to go. I hope to go one day myself but thank you for sharing your pics and now video with us. The sunset on the Nile was just beautiful!
And "Keith Barking Orders"-classic, not a Keith fan so I thought that was the funniest thing.
Thank you for sharing with us here in blogland.

Chrisley Colwill said...

Great vid's and pic's! Thanks for sharing!!

Sasha said...

Nice videos, Brion! I especially love the highly illegal one in the tomb. I think that set you back a few bucks!

Mystic said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures hon. Miss talking to you. Send me an email or call if you ever have 5 minutes down time.

Margrita said...

CB love the Nile videos they are great. The egypt videos are awesome enjoyed them. I love the Stimson Wizard video fun watching the boats move about and dock. Capt. T sure keeps his boat looking sharp... looks great in the video. Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Thanks for posting the videos - don't know if I'll ever make it to Egypt, so I've enjoyed all you have posted and wrote about.

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