Sunday, November 20, 2011

Derick Pictures.....London Day 2 and People, People, People. Do any of my UK viewers recgonize anyone?

So, Pretty much every Day in Europe began like this. Once I rousted Derick out of bed we headed off to Breakfast at the Hotel. Thankfully Breakfast was included in with the cost of the Hotel............'cause the boy can eat!! And there is always room for Ice Cream!
So, as reported before Derick has switched his Major to "Photography". At first I was pretty skeptical about this, but I got to admit now, the Kid has a eye for this.
Little shots he took as we covered Europe that I would have never thought of really captured the "feel" of the city.
Like of all the Construction work going on in London in Advance of the Olympic games next summer.
Or of this wonderful little park right down from our Euston Square Hotel.

Wow! Even the squirrels in London could use a dentist.................

Of course he got alot of pictures of the surroundings, but it's in his shots of the people that we see and can get a feel for the tenor of the city.
This was a fun one.
M&M world in London. 4 Floors of M&M's!

City Hall
The Tower of London
and I think this is a GVT building too.
Some Exhibits at the Tate Modern

Crossing Millenium Bridge in a shower to go to Saint Paul's

We were completely soaked by the time we got accross, but with some candy roasted nuts we bought on the way we soldiered on!
But, for all the Beautiful buildings and sights we saw I think Derick captured the feel of the cities best in his totally candid shots of the people we saw. At first I called it "creeping" because of all the shots he was taking without anyone knowing. But looking at the results I could not be happier!
Just put yourself in our place, Heck, for you UK viewers of the blog look for anyone you know, and just try to answer the questions we all have when we people watch:
What is he talking about?
What does that Text or e-mail say?
What's he eating?
Where is this person going?
What is he listening to on his earbuds?
What's she laughing about?
Where is he off too?
And although I do not Condone it, and strongly warn against it kids, does this girl not look cool?

What article is he reading?
What's he thinking?

And then we come to the creepy man dancing with a manequin. As many of you know Manequins, clowns, mimes, and those Oompa Loompa's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory creep me out to the extreme. For this I blame My mother. One time when I was little she had a friend of the Family (I think it was Elane Benton or Tillie) take us to a Farmers Grange party and she came later wearing one of those blank masks with just like the eyes and lips painted on a plain white face. Scared the living hell out of me. I remember hiding under the tables trying to get away. Ever since then all those things have scared the crap out of me. Clowns and manequins especially. So of course Derick is the only one who got pictures of this horrifying display.

More candid shots.

Cool Headphones

HUMMMMM, think this Girl Caught you taking a picture Derick

Lots more photos to come!
Next up, Derick's PARIS!!


Margrita said...

Love the people shots. Derrick does have a good eye for photography, he captured some awesome shots. One gets a flair for London. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a fantastic Holiday enjoy lots of turkey.


I sooo love the the dude dancing with the manaquin sequence freaking awesome!! And the one of the grey haired guy smiling he looks so happy!! Nice work Derrick!

mamawas said...

that was a bunch of people watching I just did scrolling through the blog. Margrita I agree Derrick has a good eye photographically speaking!