Saturday, July 19, 2014

A FUN way to Deal with Hotel Internet Scams the "Alaskan Way"! or "Is Adams Cox the Biggest idiot on Earth"?

Ok, So for those of you NOT in the Hospitality Business let me explain.
Hotel E-mail accounts are regularly PLAGUED by scammers, usually in EU countries and usually African Refugees granted asylum in the Netherlands, France or the UK. These people try to make reservations at hotels, want a credit card Number that they give Charged an Absurd Amount, and then Wire  the difference  to their "Tour Guide" leading a group in Another Country before they come to your Hotel. I assume they are based in Amsterdam as that is where they wanted the Balance sent after I charged the credit Card $10,000 USD and then "kept" $2,000 UDS
Their English skills are poor to say the least as is their story in my case A group of Chinese tourists would be spending a week in Amsterdam then Coming To Nome Alaska directly.
Yeah, Right, Like anyone would book a trip like that.
Usually We (Hotels) toss these scams in the spam bins.
But EVERY once in a while I like to PLAY with these morons. It provides me amusement, and Also, every moment they spend e-mailing me, and responding to my insane requests is one less moment they have to abuse the innocent by stealing Credit Card numbers from the elderly and other vulnerable people.
Bellow are the copied e-mails that I have used to Keep these scum-buckets occupied for the past month.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much As I enjoyed writing them!
I am going to put the Scammers E-mails in Italics so as to easily discern them from mine.
On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 7:27 PM, Aurora Inn  wrote:
Hello Mr Cox,
Looking ahead on our reservation book, we currently have no rooms available on the 13 and 14 of August. Please let me know if you would like the other days confirmed

Melinda R Erickson
Assistant General Manager

Aurora Inn
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Date:Sun, 15 Jun 2014 14:42:36 +0200
From:Adams Cox 
To:Aurora Inn 

I am pleased to get your email and I am sure the guest will have a nice stay in your place.Kindly make the booking in my name Adams Cox.

The guests are all Chinese and are first going to the Netherlands for 4 days before coming to your city.I will send you the credit card details as soon as you confirm this mail, then you will charge the full amount of $7,000 and keep the deposit o of $2,000.

Moreover, we were able to make an arrangement with a translator/guide who will interpret all the conversation for them first in the Netherlands and also during the period they're booked in your accommodation as they only speak and understand Chinese and also to take care of their logistics arrangement for their tours while lodging at your place.

So in order not to share the credit card information with a third party,they have decided that only you will have to handle the credit card details.More so, the translator/guide is yet to own a credit card merchant account therefore cannot process credit cards.Once you are in receipt of my credit card details,you are required to process the total amount of your ($7,000 ) from my card,then deduct your $2,000 as your initial deposit and transfer the amount $5,000 to the translator in the Netherlands whose information I will forward to you once this is confirmed.

N.B: All checks and balances will be done with the group leader with you on the final day of their stay and.So confirm this and provide me with your details;
1. YOUR FULL NAME------------------
2. FULL ADDRESS -------------------
3. CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS-----------  for office records.

You are also to deduct all transfer charges and VAT from the $5,000 you will send to the Translator and he will send you an invoice for the payment.

I shall be waiting for your confirmation, and I shall forward the credit card details for you to make the requested charges and i will furnish with other details needed after the charge is completed

Looking forward to a warm Hospitality!,

All the best.

And this is my first response back, I really thought I had pushed it too far with #10 Also known as the Justin Beiber question, but they responded back! The Idiots!

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:41 AM, Brian Stockman wrote:
Dear Mr Cox,

As soon as my Assistant General Notified me of your request for reservations I have decided to personally take over your account because of your prestige as International Guests.

The Contact information is listed below, and I am CC my assistant in on our conversations so that she learns how to handle people of your caliber.

Now, a few questions on my part if I may.

1. How many rooms do you need?
2. How many beds in each room??
3. Has the tour/guide translator been to Nome Alaska before?
4. Is the Tour guide able to Carry his own rifle on the shuttle from the airport to defend from the Grizzly Bears? If not we can provide armed security for that shuttle and on any tours they might wish to take during their stay for a nominal fee. (1 Guard $75.00 USD per day 2 guards $125 USD per day)
5. Based on what the guests would like to do, we offer a full range of options for personal protection, from Bear Mace, to small caliper handguns (mostly Glocks), to assault rifles such as the AR-15, again, for a nominal fee.($5.00-$75.00 USD per day) What would be most comfortable for them?
6. Because of the Local Liquor laws, we do have an emergency bail fund  for any guests that drink too much and find themselves in Jail, again for a small fee for each guest per day ($3.50 USD Per person/per day)
7. During August, the sun is in the sky for over 22 hours each day so we recommend at least 100spf sunblock lotion. We also have that available at the Hotel for a nominal fee. Light tropical clothing is recommended unless you are hiking on the nearby glacier where winter clothing is essential.
8. If you are planing on hiking the Glacier a local guide is required by law, and both he and one other member of your group are required to have AR-15 Rifles to protect against Polar Bear attacks. It is also local custom, to present the guide on this trip with a bottle of Whiskey, also available at the hotel.
9. Will there be any small children on this trip? (12 years of age or younger?) If so they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all time outside of the hotel, because of the wolves. We also recommend that they be dressed in dark colored clothing so as to not attract predators.
10. The Cell/mobile phones of the guests MUST be turned to the Silent/Vibrate mode and not ring, as this can provoke attacks by eagles. To be safe many groups store their phones in the hotel's walk in safe. We provide that service free of charge after one of our housekeepers children was attacked last year when a Justin Beiber song played on her I-phone.

Please, get back to me as soon as possible. We love to provide the full Alaskan experience to all our guests, and the Safety of all is the best way to assure they have the trip of a lifetime!



Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

From: Adams Cox [
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2014 2:47 PM
To: Brian Stockman

Hello Brian,
Thanks for your reply to my mail,I shall send you the credit card details for you to make the total charge of $7,000  then you deduct your deposit of $2,000  and Then send the balance of $5,000 to the translator.
The translator is responsible for the travel arrangement of the guests stay in The Netherlands and then as local translator during their stay in your place.You are to deduct all VAT and charges from the $5,000 you will send to the translator and he will send you an invoice for the money sent to him.
When the guests arrives, they shall sort out other security mater with you.I also sent a copy of your mail to the translator.All the guests are adults between the ages of 42Years  to 50 years
Please reconfirm that you understood my mail .On arrival the balance for the rooms would be paid by the guests.

Kindest regards,

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 1:06 AM, Brian Stockman  wrote:
Dear Mr. Cox,

I really need the answers to my the 10 questions I posed to you before I confirm that.
This is Alaska, and we are all about guest safety here.


Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

From: Adams Cox []
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2014 3:11 PM
To: Brian Stockman

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your mail.The guests shall need every security arrangement to make their trip a success.On arrival, they shall pay for all as stated by you.


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 1:18 AM, Brian Stockman <> wrote:
Hello Adams
I still need to know how many guests there will be, How many rooms you would like to make reservations for and their firearm requirements?
Also, many of our rooms only have outhouses, unless you want to pay the extra for the inside bathrooms.
And I need to know if there are any children so I can inform the City Watch. The Wolves have been very bad this year.

Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Adams Cox []
Sent:Sunday, June 15, 2014 3:32 PM
We shall need 3 double rooms or 6 single rooms.the guests are six in number including the translator.
There are not children among the guests,all are adults between 42yrs to 50 yrs
We are ready to pay extra for inside bathrooms

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 1:47 AM, Brian Stockman <> wrote:
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are just about to lose our satellite up link for the internet until 12:17 am
tomorrow your time,
(Satellite is in a polar orbit so we lose it for 12 hours a day) so one last question until I can e-mail you tomorrow the
The guests have had the required inoculations for Alaska correct? (Parvo, Whooping cough, and Lyme disease are
My assistant also runs the local medical center and just thought to ask me.
Oh, and one last thing, we do not accommodate pets unless they are service animals.
Talk to you tomorrow


Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Adams Cox []
Sent:Sunday, June 15, 2014 3:52 PM
Hello Brian,
Thanks, yes, the guests are all vaccinated,please send the confirmation so that I can send you the credit card details to make the total charge of $7,000 and then you will keep $2,000 as initial deposit and send $5,000 to the translator whose bank details I will send to you as soon as the charge is made.

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 8:04 PM, Brian Stockman  wrote:
Dear Adams,

Please forgive the late reply to your request for confirmation.  Yesterday was an interesting
 day in our town.
 While out hunting for walrus one of or villagers was attacked by a pod of killer whales
 in the bay.
 This prompted the entire town to enter the bay to engage the whale pod and drive them out.
 After a fierce battle that consumed most of the day we forced them out of our bay, killing
 three of them
 and with only one more causality on our end. The good news is that we will have plenty 
of Whale for a BBQ when you,
 our honored guests arrive in town. Since I personally killed one of the whales I have
 the right to reserve a 
WHOLE FLIPPER for your party! It will be a delicacy that they will remember for many 
years to come,
 especially when roasted with some of the Bear fat from the grizzly bear that I will be 
hunting this weekend. 
If any of your party objects to eating Whale we will surely be able to kill a moose or two
 on the way back 
from the airport when you arrive and roast that as well.

My third wife is beginning the process of making ceremonial slippers for your group,
 so I will require the shoe sizes of all the guests. You are able to give the sizes either in
 American or European measurements. The Slippers are made out of seal fur, which has
 the added benefit of
 eing waterproof as well as nice and warm, essential when using the outhouses.

Please tell me when you would like the credit card charges put through, and we will

get on that straight away!

You would like me to Charge USD $7000, keep $2000 and Wire the $5000 correct?

Please let me know when

As I have to reserve time in advance on the one computer in town that uplinks to the

satellite in polar orbit so

we can access out bank accounts.

Looking forward to your visit in August As much as your guests will our feast in their honor!


Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Adams Cox []
Sent:Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1:01 PM
Hello Brian,
Thanks for your mail and I am sure the guests would be pleased to join you in the feast.I sent out a mail about the shoe
 sizes and they are so astonished of your kind gesture.Their sizes are:
2 female guests has size 39 AND 40
3 Male guests with size 42
1 male guest with size 44
Please are you now in the office to make the charge on the credit cards?Please inform me so that I can send it to you now.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 10:54 PM, Brian Stockman  wrote:
Dear Adams,

It's a Great Day in Alaska! Well we have completed our moose, bear, caribou, reindeer, walrus, seal, ptarmigan,
wolverine,lynx, arctic fox, wolf, musk rat, musk ox, musk deer, musk dog, musk ape, and musk weasel hunts
 and are now ready to get down to business!
I have secured hunting permits for your group for Polar bear, Moose and Musk Ox, but was unable to get
 them for the Dahl sheep and the Musk Apes.
We have JUST begun the brewing process for the Home Brew for your group. It will be Wonderful by the time
you get here!

Explain to me again how we need to process the credit card for your reservation in August and I will jump

right on that!

See you soon!

Brian David Stockman
Aurora Inn and Suites General Manager
PO Box 1008
Nome, AK 99762

Adams Cox []
Sent:Tuesday, July 15, 2014 1:13 AM
I hope you are doing great,please can you send me an update based on the charge to my credit card and also the status of
 my booking made.
Kindest regards,

And Finally The Last E-mail

How do I even put this? 
 Well let me just tell you from the beginning I was on to your LYING, THIEVING, EVIL
 Credit card Fraud scheme. We are the Best Hotel in 800 miles, have perfect internet connections
 and a much greater command of the English language than you.
All the proper authorities from the Nome Police Department, The Alaska State Troopers,
 The Alaska FBI Office and Interpol have been Blind Closed Copied (Bcc) on every single 
communication that I have had with you since I first started. We have been having many, 
many laughs at your expense as I led you further and further down the road to absurdity. 
And yes, Every single one of our rooms has an indoor toilet YOU MORON!
 I Can easily discern from your grammar that you are African Refugees given
 asylum in either the Netherlands or The United Kingdom. You have been given a second chance
 to make new lives away from your war and Poverty plagued nations. AND THIS IS HOW YOU 
I mean really, how much lower of scum can you get than to be ripping off credit cards, probably
 from elderly people,  in your attempt to enrich yourselves? You have a WHOLE NEW LIFE that
 has opened for you and THIS is what you do? You are pathetic Garbage.
There is a special level of Hell reserved for those who abuse their elders, and other
 vulnerable people, and I am more than happy to help INTERPOL and  the Dutch Authorities put
 you there and then ship you back to your original home countries. 
 I only played along with you this long because I knew that for every moment you
 spent e-mailing with me, every insane request I made of you,(There are No seal-skin slippers
 awaiting you in Jail you ASS) every day I drew you along  that was less time you had to Devote
 to your EVIL scheme to defraud INNOCENT people.
 Now you slimy piece of shit, start looking over your shoulder, start fearing every
 knock at your door, and every ring of your phone because they are coming for YOU!
I Hope you rot in jail, then Rot in Hell
And that Is how You Deal with these scum
Have a Great Day Everyone!


Laura said...

Musk Apes? LOLOLOL :) that whole email thread is priceless :) Thanks for sharing!

Carlisleboy said...

I just love to make these scum pay!


Right on Bro!

Love the humor on my Monday Morning!

Janice from Jersey said...

No, my scammer was, Continued to contact me after I told him my name was Harry Balls and lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane...DUH