Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July...........Nome Style With The Alaska Gold Diggers and the Aurora Hotel!

So, For a boy who grew up in the mountains of PA I am constantly amazed that life always seems to take me to places near water, boats and the like.

I mean Farm boys don't usually end up on crab boats with their employees
By the Way, this is Will, one of my new night auditors at the hotel, who helps his dad out with the family fishing endeavors. 

So, Early on the Fourth of July I get a call from my good buddy at Northland Services

That my Brand New Cars have, Of Course, Been the First ones taken off the Barge that just docked late last night. (It good to be able to give the guys really nice rooms at the hotel, my cars always seem to be the first off then.......) Notice that the F-150's have beds that are stuffed with tires!
So, yeah, I just saved the company a couple of $$$ ......

Here is my new baby, a Ford Explorer with the new DARK SIDE metallic paint.
It's a dark black with hints of Forest green, and sky blue and even a bit of purple in the right light. Very cool and the new "IT" color this year

Kyle of course is right there to check over each of them, gear head that he is....

Once we got them back to the Hotel, it was time to get to the beach!

So down to the Beach at Safety Sound with Melinda and the Family!

Making a windbreak is Important for Proper grilling

That will do nicely

Our Very Good friends Tori and SaraJane From  Alaska-gold-diggers On Animal Planet Finally got there so we could start eating....and Maybe Drinking

Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Steaks and Finally some ribs and Sweet corn!

Yes Mum, Just like in PA I always make too much, there was also Pasta Salad, German Potato Salad, Fresh fruit with Cream Cheese Honey Dip, cheesecake, potato chips, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, chocolate bars, Pub Mix, sodas and Champagne/

Yes, even Angel had to collapse after eating her fill!

But all the While, there are little boys Waiting to set off the Fireworks!
Even Back in PA where we see my Nephew Grayson asking yet again if he can set off a few.
While here in Alaska Timmy was throwing a bit of a fit waiting as well.
Boys will be boys

Unlike PA though, unless we wanted to be on the Beach until 2am it was never going to get any darker so we started them off about an hour after the BBQ, though according to Timmy it was at least 8 hours later

Then it was time for some more "Adult" fireworks, Like SaraJane with Melinda's Husband Don's 50 Cal Desert Eagle

And My AMAZING Assistant General Manager Melinda presiding over all the activities for the kids, including making sure Timmy ate a few Veggies!

Group Photos!

Or as I thought when taking this Kyle as the Patriarch of the most messed up family in Reality TV history!

Safety Sound is one of the most beautiful places Around!

Everywhere you look it's like a postcard!

SPEAKING of Postcards, how about this shot?

Nahhh, I like this one the best!

Inside the Safety Roadhouse, where you traditionally deface a Dollar bill and put it up on the wall after having a shot.

There have been a lot of shots taken at Safety

A Lot of shots

And the food does not end at the beach, here is some BBQ'ed Salmon for anyone who wants it at the Roadhouse!

And You can STILL SMOKE INSIDE here !!!
So awesome!
But Bad Kids. We are VERY VERY BAD!!

My finished Dollar

And Up on the wall!

Along with many others!

Well, I hope everyone had a great Fourth Like Me and my Buds!
Have a great week!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So, CB, haven't see you in a few years but seem to have caught up with you. Last time I saw your blog you evacuated Dutch Harbor and ended up somewhere in the desert. Glad to see you're back in Alaska where you belong.


My new digs:

Carlisleboy said...

I am Very Very Glad to be back in Alaska BZ! Heading to your blog now!

Riley's Mom said...

so happy to see you here CB, hopes that you are well and happy. you've been missed!

Anonymous said...

What size are those tires on your Black Ford Explorer? See link below: