Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Brunch, An Apology, Week from H-E-Double hockey sticks, City Council, Groundbreaking, Rainbow, Otter, And CHOCOLATE!!!

Good Sunday Morning to Everyone!!!
First off I would like to offer an apology for not really posting this past week. In fact when I lay down to bed last night I was coming up with this long statement that work was too busy and all of that stuff, so to not expect daily updates. Something Changed all that. I awoke at 3am(Hate that time of night, “Dead Time” and all that) to take care of some pressing business in the bathroom. While I was praying while going back to sleep (Good Habit to get into BTW) a thought popped in my mind. This past week sucked. Between Employee issues, guest issues, the weather, interviews, headaches, not having a really nice day off, Problems with getting my Mum and sister Valentines Day Flowers (The Florist did not have the Vase I wanted for them), Slipping once on the ice (OUCH), some idiot setting off the fire alarm in my building twice, and Finally the week ended in a 13!!! This little thought kept at me asking what was so different about this week compared to everything else? The Only answer was that I did not Blog this week.
Really, that was the only major difference.
Could it be that simple?
Is Blogging helping to keep me sane?
Is Blogging one outlet that can prevent me from becoming a sad, pathetic, and probably impotent person like that one Anonymous Commenter?
Is Blogging Preventing me from resembling a Primary Posterior Fundamental Orifice? (Yeah, I was kind of an A$$hole this week to some people)
SO, I want to Apologize. To everyone who has seen a Side Of CB this week that they did not like. (Hopefully the pictures of the Chocolate fest at the end of the posting will in part make up for that, and serve as my Valentines gift to everyone)
And FINALLY I want to Say Thank You to that one Anonymous Poster who basically called me a Primary Posterior Fundamental Orifice. Why? Because they with their bitterness and hatred they showed me everything I do not want to be, and also reminded me that sometimes, the best thing you can do to triumph over the forces of evil and hate is to be happy!!

There is alot going on, all of it I can not talk about!! I will reassure you all though that All of the Boats and Crews are safe, no matter what rumors are going around. They are all out fishing and doing well. It is Going to Be an AWESOME Season Everyone!!! I have to walk a fine, Self Imposed, line when it comes to the show. To try to clear up any misconceptions that a Certain Anonymous Poster might have brought up, let me try to explain. The OP People are great, a Fun Bunch, and this island being the size it is we end up seeing each other everywhere, and thus I always seem to know what is going on. HOWEVER I do not post ANY information I get this way. The Only Information I post is Info that I have gathered myself. The OP Crew are guests and as such I respect their Privacy. That is the Hospitality Industry way. (Heck, if I told you the stuff I know about Tom Cruise from one of his stays at one of my hotel..., and I do not even like him!!) Also the Rule applies that "What happens at the Bar stays at the Bar" in relations to the boats and the Crew. It is sometimes tough to follow, but I believe that it is best overall. But Really, this may be the best season YET!!!

Now, On to Brunch!!!

So, Without Further Adieu :
Welcome :
jan,captain sten girl,Psycho Cheer Mom,MegPie,Melissa,inkprincess,hobo,carrie,Alena!,Aleutian Islander,Karebear,
babeyg2004, and Darryl
Will you please join:
Beth,nittanybeth, Akutan's April Dawn,jolycu, Bunny Kins,Kath,Sally Ann,Missy,Barnets tante,and jaicne!Sandi,the egyptian knight,cathyc, Karin_nl,MsGiantsFan,browneyes878922,Terri,Amy_Liz,Bubbs,Mystic Dreamer,cinarte,
Laura, Jules0724, Jamie, carol,Sammi,Debbie,Jax,Sadie94,Ari,Sheirrh,Corey,The Wench,outlaw,Belvora, Greentigereyes,sindee,
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GryffHoo, Ninja-Motorhome, Mystic, sunshiner, Dani, Miss, 13rook3, snowymistyriver, BunnyC, TexasHoosier,
Lori,Bryan Kraai, Kim, Kathy, Ang, Janice, Alaska Steve, Frieda, Mom, Ernie, Joann, Austin, Shirley, Ken,AND BUTTONS!

For Sunday Brunch At the Award Winning Chart Room Restaurant,
Located at The Grand Aleutian Hotel In Dutch Harbor Alaska?

This is how it looked this morning, Temp at 39F, Light sprinklings of Rain. NOW though the temperatures are dropping quick, the wind is really starting to pick up and it has turned to snow.

Look Who decided to Join Us!! Why it is Mr Otter, showing off right out the window from our tables.

Salads and Fruits for Frieda.....

Apple Crepes with a Caramel honey Glaze and some toasted Pecans on the Side for me Please!!!

The Salmon with the Blood Orange Reduction is quite good..............

But the Mandarin orange Sechwzan Chicken with baby bok-choi is to DIE for!!! (Awesome job Willie!!!)

Of Course there is Prime Rib and Ham for those more traditional minded Brunch People.

And it is a Strawberry Fest today from Eddie and Junior. (Poor Junior so Very Very tired from the Valentine Day meal last night)
Janice's Weekly Willie Fix, and the Last Brunch for Jeff for a month as he heads off on Vacation, far away from people who kidnap Robert Jordan books..........
So now, some pictures from this past week of No Blogs...........
From Monday Night April from Akutan's Mom and her friend got stuck in Dutch for a few days and headed out to the bar, (Although she only drank Cranberry Juice, CRAZY!!), to enjoy Karoke Night
On Tuesday Night it was City Council Meeting, Which was just not the same without Katherine, (Notice the Tissue box sitting in her place in the first photo, that I had to use to dry my tears.....)Miss you!! (And so does everyone else who had to sit through that meeting.....)
On Wednesday was the Groundbreakind Ceremony for the New Powerhouse that is to be constructed. Unlike some others who Threw it wherever Shirley only threw to THE RIGHT!! LOL!!
On Thursday this Rainbow appeared out of nowhere over Mt Ballyhoo. These pictures do not even come close to doing it Justice, but are still rather nice. It stretched from one end of the Bay to Another. Just breathtaking, and it lasted a good Half-hour!
And Finally Friday , which was just an alwful day, the Chcoloate Fest at the Museum Brought everything back into some sort of goodness after the trials of the day!

These Chocolates are hand Made by Alena!'s Mum. (The Real Unalaska Blog Linked to on this site) The Grand Marnier truffles with the candied Orange Peel were AWESOME, but I will not show you any pictures of the Sea Salt Carmel ones. THEY ARE ALL MINE AND KEEP YOU GREEDY EYES OFF OF THEM!!! (Incidently Alena, if you ever need ANYTHING done, up to and including a felony, all I require as payment is a pound of the Sea Salt Caramels.

And Finally on Saturday, Valentines Day there are no pictures because this is not an Adult Web site. Suffice to say that CB was really Happy the Coast Guard was in town.

Hope you all had a great brunch!!

See you more this week than last



mamawas said...

WElcome back Brain, your assorted Aunts and moms and sisters and brothers have been hoping you are OK.

The Valentine's chocolate is divine.
We luv ya

otterwoman09 said...

Hey, glad you're alright...I was concerned you may have been sick or something like that. I understand those weeks, had a few myself. Glad you "shook it off" and decided to not let the world get in your way!! The food looks totally delish..making me hungry. Hey, is that an otter in those 2 pics? It sure looks like favorites! (In case ya didn't figure that one out by my name..hee hee). Keep the beautiful pics coming and hang in there!!

Mystic said...

Oh wow!!!!!!!! so much too look at. It is a feast for the eyes! I adore Otters and can't wait to hear the otter story. Rainbows, chocolate, food, military sundries....I can't wait for the comentary!
Glad things are looking up for you CB. Big Hugs coming your way.

Helen said...

Once again the brunch was amazing... I guess you noticed me waiting patiently outside the door for the dining room to open? I was quiet and didn't want to stop progress.

I didn't expect to get a stroll through the museum; that was a plus to help me work off all that CHOCOLATE you so boldly put before me.

Thanks - luv ya for it!


Reading said...

The rainbow was awesome. I loved the brunch. Can't wait to read your commentary on the museum. I need to working on my praying while trying to get back to sleep.

I know you have been incredibly busy and I love everything you decide to share with us about your day or your week, whatever the case may be. Take care of yourself!!!

PS - Would you mind stepping over here and whispering what you know about TC in my ear - I can't stand the man either!!!(only kidding)

Dani said...

So good to see you back, have to admit i have missed you!!! As yummy as the food looks i will skip on the main and go straight to dessert :)
poor junior tired again...thats 2 weeks in a row now!
And a chocolate fest....sounds like my kind of event,all the chocolates look amazing!!
Did i mention i was glad to see you back?? lol oh well i will say it again

Ang said...

Glad to see you back! Hope you have a much better week! The apple crepes look great as does everything else.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Glad your back CB... it does feel good to be able to vent a bit and share everything with everyone on here... I've been loving it so far!
Cute Pic of my mom and our storekeeper Eva!! :D
Loving the feast! Still wish I was there to enjoy it with you and everyone else! Should have them make a orange coconut salmon. Marinate 6oz skinless filets in the OJ for no less then 8 hours, then coat it in coconut and bake for like 15 mins or until done, it's awesome! (just an idea) ;) The desserts look awesome.
Speaking of sweets, those chocolate looked to die for, and your luck to be able to taste those awesome looking seasalt carmels! I love chocolate, the hubby don't care for it though...
The rainbow looks beautiful over Ballyhoo like that!
Good to hear you had a great night last night ;)

Much luv,
~April Dawn~

Nebraska Outback said...

It's great to have you back CB. We missed you. You've outdone yourself with today's post. Thanks.

MaryC said...

CB! Welcome back. I missed you! I look forward to all the posts and pictures and missed them terribly! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and commentary today. Take care and have a great week!

Mary :o>

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh my Gawd, you heathens, you environmental rapers are actually going to build a POWER STATION and generate your OWN electricity??? Zounds! WHAT are you thinking??


redwoodforest said...

Hello! I really enjoy your blog. I love all of the photos and especially the food pr0n!

cinarte said...

Glad you are doing ok CB! I have been worried for days now...I kept checking to see if you had posted and after 4 days I thought uh oh..something is not going well. Then I thought..oh no I am addicted to your blog and am going to need a 12 step program if you dont post soon! ;-) Thanks for the lovely brunch. I am just going to glue a photo of that wonderful food to my butt! I have been trying to send you some Florida warmth and sunshine..its been nice this week..back up to almost 80 degrees..that perfect winter weather that we all love this time of year. Anyway take care of yourself and stay away from those patches of ice!

Carlisleboy said...

Don't do that Cindarte!!!!
I HATED Florida heat and weather!!!
Give me a nice day at 40F any day over one in Florida at 95F and 100% humidity!!

Mystic said...

Can't leave it on 13. More otters please!

cher in Cal said...

Welcome back my friend! You were busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest last week and I appreciate you pulling your self to the computer to make us happy. I prayed for you at Mass today, hoping your week got better and I see it did. Also prayed for the fleet and glad to hear good news there too. My daughter has a question, how did Lynn from the Wizzard get his black eye? I told her that you may not be able to tell us, but that I would ask anyway. Great pictures, love the rainbow and the chocolate! You are a blessing. Best wishes for better weeks to come. Cher

Elizabeth Douglas said...

CB! So glad you're back! I've really missed reading your posts. Don't go away again...k? :) Glad to hear all the boats are out there doing their thing...and I appreciate what you share...and what you don't. So no worries there!

Now on to the important things...that food! The chicken and salmon look amazing! Also, the chocolate...are you sure you won't share some of those sea salt caramels? Puuuuh-lease!?!?!?

That rainbow, I saw that on Alena's's beautiful! What a treat!

Welcome back! :)

gbbarb said...

I was going to post earlier but I couldn't possibly be post 14 as that would be instrinically wrong.

You aren't fooling me CB you were just terrified for days that I would have the 13th comment on your Friday the 13th post and the world as we know if would slip into a time space continuim that will . . .

Sorry, too many diaster movies this weekend. Just tell Junior to make some more chocolate covered strawberries and I will wait a month for the next post. See, I not hard to please (tho I still want a Jake H. pic)

Maskerade said...

Glad you are back, we were all worried about you. This past week wasn't my best one either. In case I haven't said before, thanks for the blog and the chocolate.

Oh, I have seen the caramels, and I am willing to wrestle you for them.

Frieda said...

You feed me so well! I am in on the felony if you need a sidekick. I could run over someone with my cart...easily. My prayers and thoughts will be with you while Dan is on vacation,and with him as well...trudging thru the ice on a different continent...sigh...these nephews! The Sea Salt Caramels enrobed in nice warm parkas of chocolate looked devine and I will be awaiting mine at the mailbox. Yea for the Coasties cheering you up, you needed that break. Lovya, Tante F.

Kim said...

Count me in for the felony as well! CB send those pics along! Glad to see you back. Do spill about TC. hate the man. Food looks incredible.

Sue said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for the pics of the rainbow and the chocolates! Glad the DC crews are OK, I can't wait for the tv season to start!

jagercrosbyswench said...

Good to see you back, CB! I had some of everything at brunch cause that is how I roll!
How cool! An otter! I wanna come up there to visit just to see otters and eagles. So cool!
As for your Valentine's, NICE! LOL!

Reading said...

The Apple Crepes look wonderful, I'll take some minus the pecans...and is there a couple of pecan free desserts....I love them but they don't love me....hives definately don't look good on me.....

I wish you a wonderful week....

BunnyC said...


Glad you okay and I really did miss your posts!!! I can totally understand a bad week at work. Every once in awhile I run to the ladies room to cry my eye out. It makes me feel alot better.

Brunch looks wonderful. Please tell Junior and the rest of your wonderful staff how much brunch is enjoyed.

Take care of yourself and I hope you have a better week.

sunshiner said...

Thanks, CB. What I missed most was your blogs always bring a smile to my face. I can never predict what you will post and whatever you post, I always enjoy it. I think it's true what Cinarte said - if you quit blogging, we'd all need a 12 step program. Still, don't make yourself crazy. We understand when you can't post and what you can't post. Just know you are really appreciated and it has nothing to do with DC. You are a very special person that spreads humor, kindness and a zest for life in everything you do. Thank you again for sharing.

valerie said...

hey CB, sorry to hear you had a bad week, mine was like that, think it was the combo of full moon and Friday the 13th, lots of grumpy weird people out there. While I'm sorry you had a bad week it is nice to know that by writing to us we are actually helping you, makes me feel a bit less selfish

I have to ask what are those chocolate puff pastries right in front on the brunch table? Eclairs? has to be one of the biggest I ever seen!

and one more thing..TOTALLY understand you not be able to give show secrets but ever thought of keeping a note book so as we see something on the show you can give us what they left on the cutting room floor? maybe you do this already and I don't know because I wasn't hear during the season. Just wondering..

thanks again, big hug to you, glad to hear you Valentines day was special :) heres to a better week for all of us!
take care

Alena! said...

Nice try, I'd have to commit murder to get a whole pound of carmels off my mom!

Kim said...

lol Alena. I guess a few of us are traveling up to DH to help with body disposal! Thanks CB for the other pics that were posted. You keep finding new ways to keep us educated and informed.

Miss said...

Welcome back, I missed your posts! Happy late Valentine's Day, I am glad yours went well! I love the otter pics, so cute! Like always, the food looks incredible, especially the chocolate. Now I am hungry and I am off to find something to eat. Have a great week!

TX Bandita Jamie said...

OOO CB, Your post was worth the wait! We love ya... OMG that food... to die for! Hope I get to try it someday!

Fizz Wood. said...

The Sechzwan (aaaaargh spelling please!) chicken looks amazing I will have some of that!
glad you're back CB!

also, try the Rosary for getting back to sleep! just one decade and I am out like a light!


Greentigereyes said...

CB so glad you are back. Since I have an addictive personality, I was preparing myself for Brunch withdraw. You saved me the torment, only to provide more. I think I am in a chocolate coma now. Thank God I can't actually eat anything that you offer! Though someday ... if I'm seriously lucky maybe I'll get out there.

Sorry you had such a crazy week. At least you cheered up for Valentine's Day!!

Cinarte ... if we ever need a 12 Step Program for CB withdrawal, I'll be happy to lead ( certainly had enough experience lol).

Love to all. Carol


Thanks for the flowers and candy Bro!

Phylis said...

CB,glad you are back and to know you are well! Sometimes life gets in the way - sorry you had a difficult week! Thank you for the beautiful landscape, rainbow and the chocolate! All I see are buildings and palm trees. Your photos are a breath of fresh air!

Margrita said...

Awesome bruch once again CB thanks for the great pictures loved the rainbow and the chocolate feast. Mr. Otter is adorable. I think you do a great job and to me you are not nor have ever shown any sign of becoming an orifice. You ROCK!!!!

Reesa said...

thankyou for the delicious brunch and the beautiful view CB, glad to have you back =)

Anonymous said...

Calling a meeting of DHD Anonymous.
Hello, I'm Lizardpearl and I am a DHD addict. I love it!

Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon said...

It is good to see photo's of home. We miss it. Dang Hayden still hasn't showed up!! Catina has an appt. today, I think she is ready, we keep track of her contractions and they are getting closer!! Work has been fun, interesting, and I can't wait to be home to see my clients....if they are still there!! Thank you for the council photos, it doesn't look the same??? Hopefully I will be posting a blog soon on Hayden. Take care and piss on the 'Anonymous' negative people. Let them hide and be jerks, they don't have to visit your blogsite, they choose to because they like you and don't want to admit it!!

Woasisss said...

Just testing, CB....

Woasisss said...

I am tryin to post, but havin trouble..hmmmmmmmmm.......

Woasisss said...

Ok.....nevermind...I see me! Anyways, love , love , love your blogs, CB! And the food is a special treat tease! If I ever make it up there, first stop.....The Grand Aleutian Hotel! Woot! Are we allowed doggie bags there? Keep up the great work, CB!Awesome!!!!!I could almost lick my puter screen! And I really enjoy your pics of the countryside and happenings around the area!

MsGiantsFan said...

Ah chocolate my fav, next to tequila :) Thanks for sharing & I hope you're having a better week!