Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alaska Whirlwinds, and a Salon Misses it's Owner.....

It is a Cold and windy day Up Dutch Harbor Way,

And First Glance thought theses were clouds ,
Strafing the Mound,
Mt Ballyhoo claims as it's ground.

Upon Closer inspection,
an awesome Chill,
Those are Whirlwinds Dancing,
For me to view!

Hundreds of feet up,
The snow is blown,
Only to fall back,
Awaiting The next Zephyer Through.

Katherine, Katherine,

Miss you every Day,

Though Not is seems as much as your Salon
(Inconsoleable One might say)

So the Floors are all Waxed,

The Carpets are done,

You Plants are all watered, and Happy with care

But everyone wishes you were back HERE!!!

(Come On Already!! You have not tried The Screaming yet I think)


Anonymous said...

Hey CB! Great Pictures yet again! Looking forward to Sunday Brunch tomorrow!!

Lisa aka EMTSrescue~ still can't get the password to work!! GRRR

Dani said...

Those pictures are cool!! Wind and snow can be interesting!! And we have been having pretty chilly weather here too...many places NEAR my house have been covered in snow, but not at my house, its despressing!! :(

Carlisleboy said...

Ahh Poor Dani!!
ILL Have to have Junior do something special Tomorrow.
EMTSRESCUE: There should be a password link when you sign in to get it sent to the e-mail addy you used...

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Mt. Ballyhoo looks so pretty, like a dollop of whip-cream. :) It was golf weather here today!

Love the post CB, see you fro brunch tomorrow!

Mystic said...

We get those little spinning they pick up dust and dirt hence the name dirt or dust devils.

mamawas said...

Lisa, I feel your password pain, my Vista machine has locked me out and I always thought I rotated the same 2 passwords.
See you across the brunch table in the AM


EMTSrescue said...

Thanks CB! Lets see if this works! See everyone in the morning for brunch!!


Kim said...

we still have snow sitting since December!! Id gladly give you some of mine Dani. Im ready for spring. I cant wait to see whats in store for us tomorrow for Brunch! Great shots CB. I think you miss someone a lot though.

Cape Sarichef Aveda Salon said...

Thank you!!! Thank You!! THANK YOU!! For waxing the floors of Cape Sarichef Salon!! And for your thoughts and good wishes. I should leave more often!!! It looks beautiful and Maybe I shouldn't come back, I may scuff the floors!! Catina is now nesting...she is cleaning the room and I walked her hard today. That was the 5th avenue mall...All levels, and then Costco!!! So hurry up and wait....I had a good night with my friends Dave and Doug from the 'Dirty Jobs' show. Won't tell what they are doing in Alaska, but it will be a good one! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your normal, consistant, calm, interesting life. My life is a challenging one being away from my family and work. But I wouldn't change it one bit!!! Love ya!!!HP

Dani said...

Yea any spare/unwanted snow send it my way!! Can't wait till brunch later!!

Reading said...

I love the snow pics, we get the same whirling thing around here only it is called a waterspout!! Poor salon, all alone....I need a haircut and a dye job....

Alaska Steve said...

Ballyhoo is such an eye grabber, I need to make it over there more often. On the Unalaska side my eyes always gravitate towards Mt. Newhall. Nice job on Katherine's floors!

gbbarb said...

Seriously I scroll down the page and I see post 12 and I am suppose to behave. Can't resist must cause trouble.

I still love ya CB even if I am a pain. (I can see him going if, IF, she is definately a pain.

Carlisleboy said...

If, IF?
Oh, Look at that Photo of Jake.
Now llo at the Recycle bin being filled with that picture.
AHHH, the Lovely sound of the bin being emptied.....
ANd Thanks Steve!!!

gbbarb said...

Given the choice between misbehaving and a pic of Jake, I'll take misbehaving, sorry Jake!