Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger and Deadliest Catch Updates!

Blogger is being naughty Today and Not allowing me to upload photos from home, and I am just not in good enough shape to run up to work to do it because I closed the Bar with the Wizard Boys (Crosby, Art, The Greenhorn and the new cameraman), and Misha And Bev From the hotel. Karoke singing brought us entertainment last night, though I am Glad the USCG Ship The Jarvis is Protecting our fishing grounds and not entering the entertainment industry.

On The DC Front, The Wizard Pulls into an early lead , Dropping off 400,000lbs of their 1.3 million lbs quota, With Hardly ANY dead loss. I will try to get the photos up tomorrow. The crab was really a nice size and very clean, so Keith should get a really good price for it. the Offload was going a bit slow though,, and just wait till you see how much Ice was built up on them. Crosby & Lynn both said it was a good trip though, And that they had gotten the ice on the steam back to Dutch, not while they were fishing. They will be in Dutch For a few days fixing a crane issue, (Not super serious, but Captain Keith Likes to have a tip top shape boat)

The Cornelia Marie should be offloading 200,000 lbs in Saint Paul Today, and according to Vanessa, Freddie's Wife, (he called her on Satalite phone while he had wheel watch) the Fishing has been GREAT For them the past few days, bringing on over 50,000 lbs a day. Opies is Captain Phil's Fortae!! it is nice to know they are having some good Luck after all those delays with drydocking.

Nothing yet on the NW or TB. As soon as I hear anything I will let you all know.

Have a great night


mamawas said...

Thanks I hope the ice can melt in Dutch so the guys don't have to bang it off

Mystic said...

Boooooooooooooooooooo Hisssssssssssss
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wizard! Glad you and the boys had some time to kick it! Rotflmao...and thanks for keeping me updated in the WEE hours of the morning! rotflmao! Glad the ice wasn't a big problem on the fishing grounds!

Dani said...

Glad to hear the CM is having good luck and getting in the crab, they need it!!
Such a shame that blogger is being a pain.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Boo on blogger!

Thanks for the updates on the Wiz! Glad this trip in was less eventful and that they're doing good! I hope the blog fairies cooperate tomorrow with the pictures!

Bonnie said...

Phil had said he was battling some poopy weather getting into St Paul..
Glad to hear they've made it in..Phewwww!
Thanks Cb!
Tell Vanessa helloooo!

Helen said...


Thanks for letting us know things are going well and that our friends are safe! It's a wonderful day!

Reading said...

Glad to hear you survived the night on the town...poor Coast Guard guys, maybe their lips were frozen...can't wait to see the pictures....

Jax said...

Thanks for the update CB! Great to hear the fishing is going well, can't wait to see the pictures!

Airam said...

Thanks for all the updates on the guys. It makes me SO happy to know Phil is captaining the CM again. So thanks again. Can't wait for an update on the NW!! =)

Nebraska Outback said...

Wow CB - you are the best!

Kim said...

Thanks for all the updates. Yeah Phil has it posted on his Myspace that he is on the crab! With numbers like that...yeah he is! Hope Blogger cooperates with you tomorrow so you can post some pics. Send some of that crab this way! Hey CB...have I told you recently? You ROCK!

gbbarb said...

Because I can't wait all night

gbbarb said...

Because 13th comments should be weird and I was bored and DC The Musical will not leave my head
Sung to “Dancing Queen” from Momma Mia

We can crawl
On the sea bed
Fishermen want us dead
See that bait
It taste good
Roaming in the Bering Sea hood

Friday night and the water cold
Trying to avoid being in a ships hold
But look is really tasty bait
Getting in the pot
This could be a good idea or not

Any string could be on the one
Night is young and were having fun
With a bit of rock music
Everything is fine
We're in the mood to haul
And when you having a ball

Crabs and crabbers
Doing the Bering Sea dance
We all take the chance
On the
Bering Sea dance

Carlisleboy said...

I leave the blog for an hour and you guys let GbBarbleave it at 13!!
Bad Bad Bloggers!!

disanml said...

Thanks for the update you are awesome.

valerie said...

I agree.. CB you ROCK! thanks for the update!

purrduedvm said...

Great news for the Wizard and CM. Thanks so much for the updates CB. You are a doll. AND it's nice to hear good news too!

Lori said...

Thanks for the update CB! I too am so glad to hear that Phil is back and on the crab. Sounds like fun w/the Wizard boys. Can't wait to hear about the "other" boats.

Frieda said...

Thanks CB. I have been a bit AWOL and am catching up with all the blogs. It was so nice of you to babysit for April Dawn. You are a good man. As to the night out with the Wiz and Coasties.......lol.

hobo said...

Thanks, CB, for the update on the Wizard!! I'm glad they had some great fishing. And a big PFFTTTTTTT!!!! to blogger! Hope you have better luck posting pics later.

Kim said...

oh Im so sorry. Dangit. GB youre gonna get me fired!!! Sorry CB I was really really sick last night and today. I claim temporary insanity due to illness.

thumper823 said...

We are all on the edge of our seat waiting for the show to air.Glad to see all is well with the Wizard and Cornelia Marie.Cant wait to check in on T.B. and N.W.

Anonymous said...

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