Thursday, March 12, 2009

Close call at the Airport and The Cornelia Marie.

One of my housekeepers was flying out today on vacation so I decided to go up and say goodbye then swing by Delta Western.
Heading down to Delta Western Fuel Dock the gates on the road closed and we waited while a Coast Guard plane tried Twice to land and skipped off both times. Then the gates opened and the traffic was once again moving. Imagine our suprise when you see this out your window out of nowhere!!
Just a minute earlier and he would have hit a Horizion Line Tractor trailer and a minute or two later he would have hit one of the MAERSK Trucks.
Anyway though, I still got to get some shots of the Cornelia Marie sitting at the Delta Western Fuel Dock though.
Loosk like they will be here till Saturday at least, because there is NO way Phil or Murray will leave port on Friday the 13th!! (See, I am not the only one!!)
Speaking of Which, I am taking tomorrow off so that is why the double post today.
See all of you Saturday, See some of you Friday Night (What time are we meeting up ladies? This is NOT the Final episode of Battlestar so I guess I can just record it)


Reading said...

If I looked out the car window and saw that plane I believe I would wreck the car...enjoy your day in hiding...btw my aunt turned 13 on Friday the 13th!!

Ang said...

Enjoy your day off. I like Friday the 13th. I used to work on the 13th floor (yep some buildings still have them). Look forward to brunch this week (actually it's dinner for my time zone).

mamawas said...

that sudden plane in your roadway ahead must be quite the shock to drivers!! You guys were close to the approaching plane.

Tomorrow is the double unlucky day, keep safe all DHD faithful, we want to have another great Sunday brunch


Akutan's April Dawn said...

holy damn.. someone got bitched at over at the airport and you know it! And here they have to put all the security crap back in the airport again too with all that new procedures going on with small planes and stuff now. At least what I've been watching on the news and stuff!

WOW CB... at least they didn't get close enough to endanger you!

Have fun on your day off tomorrow ;)

Akutan's April Dawn said...

I meant like close like almost landing right on top of you... still you were really close... damn... must have been loud too... that's a C-130 right?

cookie dough said...

I was there too! That freaked me friend came in YAY! Bug Alena...I think she's going to get out of going out on SAT :(

Kim said...

No way! We want pics of all of you guys! ALENA!!! you better go!

Lori said...

Wow, CB! Nothing like being in the right place at the wrong time and having your camera ready! Too freakin' close! Enjoy your Friday the 13th off - going to be a good day for me! Oh, and you/we know the boats never leave the dock on a Friday, let alone a Friday the 13th. Very bad juju!

Anonymous said...

Well...that's the Coast Guard. No following the rules there. And they probably didn't land...just a touch and go, I'll bet. They don't like landing on the 3905 foot runway. Great pics!

Margrita said...

Awesome pictures and wow what a scary sight to see out your window a plane. Enjoy your day off .

Jax said...

OMG, that must have been a shock to see that plane landing!

Does the road cross the runway?

Enjoy your day off CB,
Oh and LOL at the Black Velvet in the previous post, my brother used to love that stuff and collect the bottles, I haven't seen Black Velvet in years and my bro is no longer with us so thanks for a great memory of him!