Friday, March 6, 2009

NW, Incentive, Billikin, and Screensavers, Oh My!!

Just some nice shots of the NW's Deck for all you Fans! If any of you know the #'s on their Pots let me know, because I think they are storing them at Harbor Crown till King season, and I could get some shots of them.
Finally, Some shots of the F/V Incentive, that will be joining the Deadliest Catch For Opies this season. If you click on the first photo it is the one right in the middle, loaded down with crab pots. Because of where it was docked, I was thwarted in trying to get any closer pictures of it as it was 3ed boat out, and dwarfed by two larger ships, as you can see in the following photos. Still a big boat, about Wizard size I think.
Here are some shots of the Billikin, also out at the Spit, that Long time DC fans will remember. Looks like they got a bit of Damage from the Ice this season.

And Finally, there are just some days I can not believe that I live in such a Beautiful place!!
There is my litle Priest Rock out on the Road To Summers Bay!
And Finally, Looking out towards the Bering and Praying for at least one more good storm before this winter is over!!

I am off tomorrow everyone, and have some plans so no post till Sunday.

Be good to each other till them.



Elizabeth Douglas said...

Billikin!!! Thanks for the pics CB, it's nice to get a look at the Incentive too!

You really do live in a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

How about some pictures of the hot Captain of the Billikin - Jeff Weeks!! Also any info regarding him would be appreciated.

mamawas said...

new and old ships today We have a nice collection. CB, are you taking a vacation to Seattle in a month?
There are plenty of fans to meet there I bet!

Kim said...

enjoy your day off! love the pics

Fizz Wood. said...

hey its great to see the Billikin again! yes. any news on Jeff? whenever he came on the screen my mum would exclaim "he's such a Hippie!" because of his habit of walking about on deck in bare feet and the long hair :D
Thanks for more NW pics! they make my day!

Mystic said...

Yay Billikin and Incentive! Thanks for the pics! Is the Incentive done with opies?

Debbie said...

Enjoy your day off CB.
You deserve it, you do so much for us.
Good to see the Billikin again.
Oh, Jeff Weeks pictures would be wonderful!!

Maskerade said...

Hope you enjoy your day off, and thanks again for all the great pics and info you share with us.

Its great to see the Billikin again.

purrduedvm said...

Nice photos of all those vessels!

CB, you need to do your own tour of the US so the rest of us can meet you! :) LOL.

Enjoy your day off. Looking forward to Sunday brunch, namely desserts and I'd like a cham-cham too (Chambord/champagne).

Reading said...

looking forward to brunch I hope you will sit down and enjoy a drink with us... love all the pics...I swear I couldn't live there I would spend my days walking around in awe of the beauty and never get anything done

Kathy said...

Thanks for all the great pictures and updates, CB. Very much looking forward to a nice hearty brunch tomorrow. Something savoury, something fluffy and definitely something creamy and decadent for dessert. I'm off to bed for the day. These mental images should guarantee a 5 pound weight gain by the time the alarm clocks go off tonight. LOL What a way to go!

P.S. You can add me to the list of folks who would love to see some pics of Jeff Weeks if you can get them. LOL Now there's a man who would make taking up mountain climing a perfectly logical and enjoyable thing to do! :o)

Margrita said...

Awesome pictures CB like the ones of," Little Priest Rock," very scenic. Thanks for sharing them. This DC season looks like a great one. Have a restful Sunday.

Jax said...

Love the pics, and it's great to see the new boat and an old one too! Have a great day off and save me a piece of that quiche tomorrow! And a mimosa of course!

MaryC said...

The pictures are just great! Keep em' comiing. I'll see you for brunch tomorrow! Enjoy your day off! 8-)

heleninseattle said...

I love seeing all the boats and thanks for their status info... I'm getting thirsty already! What time does your plane land???

Anonymous said...

Billikin (Yes) Where's Jeff Weeks
The captain he needs to be in the picture.He is being MISSED...

Vera--April's mom

MsGiantsFan said...

Thanks CB-Food & crab boats-what else could a girl ask for (umm...a margarita??)

Anonymous said...

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