Thursday, March 19, 2009

OHHH!l For the love of Wii!!!!

'Twas a cold blustry day up Dutch Harbor way,
And many employees seemed in a funk.
CB couldn't let this go on,
And thought with a frown
How do I salvage this Day?

Then a box arrived,
With Darryl's Wii Inside,
and inspiration hit like lightning.
A Scavanger Hunt is the thing,
to turn frowns upside down,
and put an end to this terrible funk.

From Place to person was Darryl Directed,
all up and down the hotel,
From Ice machines, to Housemen, to General Managers,
The quest lead in many directions.

Once he was finished,
the clues led back to CB
For his final task,
CB needed a glass,
of his favorite Beverage.

Once the Mountain Dew was Procured,
The Wii was no longer obscured,
and given to Darryl, now through with his grief,
who torn into it like a 5 year old on Christmas.

Darryl happy with his Toys,

and the Great funk removed,

CB Declared Victory and then went home.

And what is to learn from today's lesson?

A bit of safe fun at work can lessen the tension,

Help you live longer, avoid Stroke, and High Blood Pressure

And Banish that horrid Funk!


cher in Cal said...

Oh CB darling, you know how I love it when you create poetry! Laughter is the best medicine for all kinds of illnesses. Well, you are going on vacation in April, where are you going to be for the DC Season #5 premiere? I will be thinking of you when I watch. Any news about the CM that you can share with me, a tired, bored working Mom?? You are too cute and I love your "come get me" smile as you toasted Amber, you kill me! Have a good one! Cher

SINDEE said...

LOVE IT!!! WHAT FUN!! April is coming quickly. Be sure to let us know your plans so we can plan the "Meet and Greet".

mamawas said...

CB is our rhyme master

ENjoy that new stress relieving game system


Dani said...

haha sounds like fun, and atleast your able to have a bit of fun while at work, always makes the day that much better.
Seems like forever since i last left you a comment!

Carlisleboy said...

Tell me about it Dani!! I was just about ready to call out An Garda Síochána to find you!!
What day is the season Premere? I will either be at my Mum's or in Dutch.
I fly out of here on the 4th, spend 2 days in Seattle, then Home to Kersey PA till like the 17th and back in Dutch by the 19th

mamawas said...

season 5 April 14th so you will be in Pa.

Discovery channel..if you forget (he he)

Kim said...

lol you are too funny. I might have to plan a road trip to PA!

purrduedvm said...

CB you should come watch on my brand new fantastic HD are only a few hours from me at that point.

Margrita said...

What fun a day you had making someone hunt and follow clues to find their Wii. LOL

cookie dough said...

HEY!! The teens are wondering if there is a get-together tomorrow here LOL LOL...evidently you and Alena are funny!

Carlisleboy said...

I am game if you guys are!

cher in Cal said...

Well, looks like your premiere party in going to be in PA. I bet your family and friends there will enjoy that and you too! Have a great day and BTW is the CM done fishing yet? Last I heard, 3/17, they won't be done until the end of March! I bet Vanessa misses her Freddy. Have a great weekend!

cookie dough said...

I'm playing Wii tonight after seeing this post! I haven't played since the kids got then for Christmas in 2006!

Carlisleboy said...

Yeah, I will be watching the first episode with the Family since I got them hooked on the show now that I live up here.
Sounds Good CD! Though I MAY have to take over your TV to watch the Last episode of Battlestar Galactica