Saturday, December 26, 2009

Glee Flash Mob in Rome,Christmas Eve, Gingerbread Trifle and Christmas Day

So, If I have not Mentioned it, I love GLEE!!! Look at the "Flash Mob" in one of Rome's Historic Shopping Districts advertising the Christmas Premere in Italy. The Wait till April for new episodes is going to Kill me!!! So the least I can do is pass along my addiction and get you all "hooked" as well. They are showing two episodes every Wednesday night On FOX until Idol Starts. The Episodes also come out on DVD on the 29th (Already Pre-Ordered from Barnes and Nobles for me!)So, CB Spent Christmas Eve over at HR God Ricardo's Place......."Safety" Gregg teaching "Safety" Ferdie how to Carve a turkey.....

"Safety" Ferdie with Aforementioned Turkey. (A Really Great Home smoked turkey, SOOOO Good!! Congrats Gregg and Ferdie!)HR God Ricardo's Super Kitty!And Payroll Goddess Maricel with Greggers! (Almost a year and still going strong! Congrats! And just SOOOOOO Cute Together!)

So CB made a few treats for the Employee Party on Christmas Night. Chocolate Caramel Brownies.......

...Pineapple "Upside Down" Cake.......

.........And Pork, Kelbassa and Saurkraut.

I also did up one of the funnest, and best looking, easy to make Desserts, a Trifle.My Favorite Pampered Chef Purchase, my Triffle Dish.I am making this one with my Gingerbread, which is Rich, Dense and "Gingery" so its cut into 1-2 inch squares........and then placed in the Dish.Next REAL WHIPPED CREAM is dollopped in layers over the Gingerbread. (And Dont even try using that "Cool Whip" Crap. if you want to suck on hydroginiated oil go lick a Crisco Can!!!)Then some Candied Cherries are added for color. Now usually in a Trifle you add some pudding or Custard at this point. I thought the Gingerbread rich and think enough so I did not, instead allowing it to meld smoothly with the Cream.Alternating layers of Colored Cherries, Gingerbread and Whipped Cream..................And in no time you are done. Easy!!

AND Just in time because the employees are Hungry!!

Oh, I made a lemon Merangue Pie too!

Vinnie, Bobby Rich and the Rest of the Kitchen staff also made some excellent Food, the Turkey and the beef were great.

A Big Thank You to Tom. Lauri, Lisa, Dan, Richard and Gina, My fellow managers, for a good year at the hotel. Even Better next year everyone!!

Also a HUGE Thank You!! To Miss H, For being the "Voice" of the Christmas Gift Exchange. I could not have done it without you!

Of Course, being a Dutch Harbor/Unalaskan Party there were a few "unconventional" gifts....

....But that was sorted out by the end of the night.

Hope everyone had as good a Christmas As I did.


Kim said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Merry Christmas CB, and a very happy New Year!!

mamawas said...

I know what many of those dishes are!!! Is your next career as a food photographer, you have quite the portfolio built. This is a real work of love for you.
Thnaks for the Saturday posting!!

amulbunny said...

That all looks so good. For my kids after Christmas party I am making Paula Deens Gingerbread Trifle.

We had Alaskan King Crab legs, claws and clusters for dinner yesterday. It was scrumptous.

My kid is having Glee withdrawl too.

Enjoy your week.

Margrita said...

Sigh GLEE withdrawals suffering here too.... CB the food looks so yummy, love your desserts. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Wishing you a great New Year.

Mystic said...

Dear Lord, am I the only human on this earth that has not seen glee? LOL
Glad your Christmas was so festive! Were you able to attend mass?
Cheers and hugs!

Nebraska Outback said...

Wow CB, you are so multi-talented! An incredible writer, fantastic photographer, chronicler of all things Unalaska, fearless traveler, obviously a wonderful boss and co-worker, and you can COOK! Thanks for sharing your holiday party with us. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I like Super Kitty, Maricel and Miss H!

Hope you had a FABULOUS Christmas, CB!!


Kim said...

Mystic, I've never seen it either. I don't watch a lot of tv so it's not something I feel I'm missing. Got a recipe for that real whipped cream?

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