Friday, December 18, 2009

Ms Bailey, Midnight Madness Lost and Found, Flu Shots and Unisea Elves!

The Always Fabulous Ms Bailey from the Museum of the Aleutians. She dared me to put up a picture of her using the Hand Sanitizer on my Blog..................Never Dare CB!!
The Following items were placed in Lost and Found After the Midnight Madness Sale/ City of Unalaska Christmas Party. Call or Drop by the hotel to Claim.
Unisea Employees can go to the Clinic here and get the H1N1 Shots for free since Unisea is picking up the $15.00 "Adminstrative Cost" that the Clinic is charging.
So a Group of us went..........
.........Really not painful and besides a slight headache I had no other reaction.
Snow, Wind and more snow.........
.........Just in time for the Unisea Holiday Christmas party. Sky and her elves were busy .............
.........putting up the Sleigh for Santa.

And I am ready to call it FINISHED on Decorating in the Main Lobby!

Ok, back to work!


mamawas said...

the flu shots are about $25 in the drug stores and groceries here CB, but free at the health department if you want to wait wait wait.

The Aluetian Museum sounds like a great afternoon tour "someday"!!!

had to repost found a typo and it was just staring at me calling me incompetent!!


Margrita said...

The lobby looks great!!!! You did an excellent job. I think the museum is so interesting I really enjoy reading about all the different exhibits. Wow you found several items after the Midnight Madness event. I hope they all find their homes. Ugh flu shots here they have ran out 5 times so many people show up at the free shot events. Right now my family is recovering from the flu. The schools gave the students flu shots and the H1N1. Yep you guessed it kids got the flu after the shots those students that caught the flu spread it to others. Maybe next year the schools should start the shots before the flu season begins. Have fun at the party.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Darn, the sweater's only an XL, not a 2XL. Sorry, won't fit.

Hope you're doing well, CB!


Kim said...

We know a lot of people who rushed out and got the H1N1 flu shots, even though doctors have been saying only certain groups need to get it. Teens, Elderly, and those with chronic conditions, such as asthma. I believe pregnant women should also get them. Otherwise as long as the person is healthy, it is just a normal flu. I know plenty of people who have had it, including several cousins and they said it lasted 5 days, and they were fine.

I do love the lobby. The sleigh just adds that special touch. Great job to CB and his 'elves'

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Margaret Kowalski said...

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