Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Check in while the internet is up, And someone is Cursed for stealing CB's Camera!!

It is another Snowy Day up Dutch Harbor way...........
And Miss Veda's Flight home got cancelled. MISS YOU!!!
So CB has spent the last few days Decorating the hotel.........
.............The tree has turned out nice but I am still waiting on the Silver Icesickles Miss Veda is Bringing me to Finish this off. Anyway though CB was Stupid and Left his Camera sitting in the Lobby while he went to Lunch.
I can not believe anyone would steal in front of a Christmas Tree. So all these pictures are taken with my I-Phone.
I will Curse the person who stole my Camera if it is no returned.

“This is the curse that is going forth over the face of the whole land; surely everyone who steals will be purged away according to the writing on one side, and everyone who swears will be purged away according to the writing on the other side. 4 “I will make it go forth,” declares the LORD of hosts, “and it will enter the house of the thief and the house of the one who swears falsely by My name; and it will spend the night within that house and consume it with its timber and stones.”
Zechariah 5:3- 5:4

I will allow a grace period of 48 hours. If the Camera is Returned by then no further action will be taken..



kim said...

Wow. Lovely trees. Come do mine! Sorry about your camera. I hope the thief returns it. HUGS

mamawas said...

are those LED lights on the lovely tree?? Thye have that clear glow my LED bulbs have.

My your camera find its way home no questions asked!!!

The weather hilltop camera have been so snowy lately. I was not surprised to read the Dutch internet was down.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh man, I am so sorry.

If you don't locate your camera, then please e-mail me.


Carlisleboy said...

Check out Dan's New Camera on His web site on my links Mamawas!!

CaliGirl9 said...

You have done a beautiful job decorating. I haven't started though my daughter put lights up outside and a wreath on the door.

Taking a camera like that is flat out bad karma. Hopefully the bad guy thinks twice and does the right thing.

If not, a pox on him!!!!!!

Margrita said...

CB gorgeous decorations you did an awesome job. I am so sorry to read about your camera disappearing, I hope it returns quickly.

Mystic said...

The tree et al looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! God help the person who stole your camera if it isn't returned!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs hon!

mamawas said...

the APL crane toppled over in yesterday (Dec 4) storm

WOW has that ever occurred before?? Is it salvagable? The thing must weight TONS!!!!

The hotel lost a few windows too.

Hope CB was safe


Thanks for the heads up on Dan's camera

mamawas said...

Alaska News is now reporting the crane will be scrapped and a new crane hauled in WOW
what is the expected cost and timeline for this MAJOR project?


kim said...

holy crap. Hope all the residents are safe and sound up in Unalaska! HUGS

Reading said...
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