Monday, December 21, 2009

Send a Card to our Soldiers!!!

Thanks to my Friend BZ for posting this First

It's not too late. You can send a card TODAY and still have it recieved by Christmas by one of our soldiers!

I Just spent a few minutes and sent 50.

I Promise shots of The Northwestern and Cornelia Marie Tomorrow if you Do!!!!


Lori said...

Will do and thanking you ahead of time for an early Christmas present! Miss you - Merry Christmas!

mamawas said...

Honor our service men and women.
Thanks for our opportunity Brian.

Kim said...

did a few, will do more when the headache dies down. thanks for linking it CB! Wish you had NW pics with the boys on it lol, but NW pics are good!

Kim said...

Whoa, love the new pic up top.

Margrita said...

Gorgeous new picture CB. I sent several and will send some more. Thanks for sharing that link what a great way to remember those in the service.

rhondaK said...

Thanks for the link! I tried to send letters to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed; however, letters to "Any Soldier" will not be delivered as they require Red Cross clearance and they simply do not have the personnel to do this. The Postal Service will not even deliver them because of some of the hateful letters some of our wounded have received. Can you imagine??
Anyway, thanks for the link! Have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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