Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dutch To Anchorage to.....OLIVE GARDEN (oh yeah, Seattle too)

Got an early flight out of Dutch and made it to Anchorage abot 8pm last night. After a trip to McDonalds hung out and Twittered for a bit until my midnight flight to Olive Garden (Also known as Seattle).

Just for Manderzz, At the Borders at the Westlake Mall.


Venetian Sunset.......

Salad, yes I at the entire Bowl! In my Defense it has been six months since I last had Olive Garden, and the lettuce we get in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska is never this fresh!

I absolutely love the Seasonal Specials at Olive Garden. This time I tried The Four Cheese Stuffed Pansotti (Pyramid Ravoili) with Grilled Chicken. I ate all this too and had to actually waddle from the restaurant.
I was sooooo Full I could not shop!!
So I went and Saw Sherlock Holmes instead.
Good, not great, but good.
The Previews for Iron Man 2 Look Great though!

More tomorrow


"Seattle" Heather said...


I'm glad you enjoyed your OG. I'm eating there Friday...yummo.

Have a safe rest of your trip...and if you're in Seattle longer...visit the Fremont Troll :)

mamawas said...

SeaTac we missed each other ther for what..the third time???

I am confident you will enjoy your time and the weather in LA. I noticed you enjoyed the new food choices in Seattle. Come to think about it, you are an expert food photographer.


Margrita said...

CB the food loves yummy. I am so glad you had a nice flight to Seattle. I hope you have a fun time at the convention thank you for sharing your travel pictures.

Cookie Dough said...

CB you're funny! Olive Garden would make me gain 2 pounds! Too much food!
HAve fun..say hi to Joann and Austin!

Amy said...

I love Olive Garden - I'm jealous! There was a rumor awhile back that we were getting one in Anchorage, but it turned out to be false. Have a great trip - eat lots and lots of OG for me!

Lori said...

I'm jealous you're in Seattel and I'm not - LOL! Enjoy your trip and have a great time at the convension - take lots of pics (oh, I know you will). Oh, and if "Jack's" there - give him a great big hug from me.....yeah!

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