Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prayers to St Michael, Last Sunday Brunch Before Trip, Twitter Buddies,Goodnight Captain, Doctor Who?, Snow, Beach Walks, Bowling and even a Video!

Lots of Special People to Pray for this week. Saint Michael the Archangel please keep your ears open for the prayers of Mystic, Jake and Josh, and Katherine this week.
It's a cold Blustery day up Dutch Harbor way.....

...and Jack in characteristic fashion says Hello.

Willie is working on his quiche,

........Chefboy is plating salad.....

And Junior just finished with smoothies! (Notice the Smile, Thanks CD for Blackmail Photos!!!)

Why the smoothies are so good even I will have one!

Now the next few photos are for my Twitter Buddies @Meerkatfeinated & @thechickenchic (Strawberry photos later for you CC) !

If you are not following these two you should be! They are just too much fun.

Now here is a salad my Dad would have loved. Easter Egg Radish (See "whole" examples of them at the top of the dish) over Arugula with strawberries and hearts of palm. Dad could sit down with a bag of radishes and some salt on a plate and just munch away.

Yes, Junior looks tired, Just wait till you see the size of the strawberries!! No Wonder!!

Obviously this has nothing to do with playing video games all night........

And now, just for @thechickenchic ........

Super Strawberries!!

Good Night Captain.

Miss You two!! See you when I get back.

OK, So Where Am I going? Well Home to PA to See the Mum and Sis eventually but first to a Doctor Who/Torchwood Convention in LA this coming weekend. Yup, CB will be in LA from Thursday till Monday. May God Help you all!

I'll take a TARDIS and a Doctor to go Please!

Did not mean to spring this on you all so fast, but Dan's Plans Changed which made it possible for me to go to this convention, and I wanted to tell you all, but with all the Awful news the past few weeks I just have not had the Chance. So ANYWAY next week's Brunch will be from LA.

Headed out With Dan after some snow the other Day up to near Ski Bowl. Make sure to head over to his blog and enter for a chance at a trip to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska!! For FREE!!! Go, GO now!!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@Carlisleboy) you know that it has been a great weather week up here with lots of blue skies and Sun. Out at the Airport it was so blinding the other day I just had to take a photo, or three.

I did not get a chance to post these photos from last Sunday because of my busy week and not real post since Tuesday so.........Bella on the Beach with CD and Manderzz!

Well CD, She sure is not afraid of the Water any more!!!

I don't know what it is about this spot but I always get the best photos right here.

Then Later Bowling with Junior, Juno, CD and Manderzz. (Bella was left at home as she would blow us away. Great Bowler even without opposable thumbs)

Look, There is Lourdes, The Grand Master of the Unisea Galley! Go Lourdes Go!!

It might look small to those in the lower 48, but I bet none of YOUR bowling alley's have views like this!!

Yes, Junior Won, But not by much!!

Anyway though, my next post will be from Anchorage or Seattle.

Keep up those Prayers!



CaliGirl9 said...

Have a blast, CB! I think you deserve a nice fun break!

Ditto to your prayer to St. Michael :)

Looking at the dee-licious brunch photos reminds me I need to go get groceries. Boo hiss!!

mamawas said...

Enjoy the time off the island CB.
The bowling lanes are small, but that works.

Kimi said...

Adding my prayers as well. Safe travels. CB check email. HUGS

loved brunch. the scenery photos were amazing.

amulbunny said...

Love the radish story. My dad would slice them and put butter on them and eat them by the pound.

Have a safe trip down here. It's windy with a chance of rain.

Reading said...

Have a fantastic and safe trip! Have fun in LA, I know you will have a great time at home. I love the bowling alley, wish ours had that few lanes, less people to see me make a fool of myself, and the view from the alley was great....

Pitbrat8e said...

Have fun at the Dr. Who convention. I wish they'd put it back n SyFy. Heick when I was a kid it was on PBS. Please post pics I'd love to see some. Have a safe trip!

"Seattle" Heather said...

Yes please keep up those prayers people!! Jake got himself in trouble with the law down here in Seattle on Thursday night. I really hope that both of those guys get themselves into some grief counseling...I know I should have when my mother passed.

CB have a good trip!

Mystic said...

Thank you for your prayer to St. Michael hon. It means so much to me.
Have a safe trip to LA; I hope that your travels bring you to Texas some day.

I must comment on those strawberries...DEAR LORD! They are the size of a grapefruit!
XXOO dear friend!

Audreya said...

Why do I always look at your brunch photos so late on Sunday nights? It just makes me hungry and I have to convince myself I don't need an almost-midnight snack!

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Margrita said...

CB brunch was wonderful love the salads and the smoothies. Wow the strawberries are huge Jr. did a great job on them. Bowling looks like fun what a great view. Bella pictures I love them wow she has really grown.The pictures are great what a beautiful day. Will pray to St. Michael for those you mention also. Have a great trip enjoy the convention sounds like it is going to be loads of fun. Hafe a safe journey and a great time.

Cookie Dough said...

ahhhh cute pics of all of us! We all want the bowling alley to be open more!!! That was sooo fun!

Lori said...

A 5 land bowling alley - LOL! but ah, yes, you can definitely take us on the view. Have a great trip and I wish Mystic the best too!

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Going to miss seeing you this weekend when we come over... :( that's ok always next time :)

Food looks great, safe traveling!!

<3 April, Boy, Veronika and the pups!

Kimi said...

oh bad juju dont leave it sittng at 13

Anonymous said...

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