Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowapoclyapse Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, Deadliest Catch Update.

Woke Up on Monday to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor's Version of the Snowapoclypase that hit the East Coast this weekend. The Schools were cancelled, City Government was closed until Noon and of COURSE at the Airport all flights were Cancelled. We were without Internet for most of the night and all morning and the Long Distance Phone lines were also out of commission. You really only realize how isolated you are here when that all occurrs at once. Instead of pictures which just convey the images, thought I'd post some video.

This was taken about 9am from one of the Employee Entrances at the Hotel.

This is about 9:30 AM on the way back from the Alaska Ship Store.

And this is the Same walk 6 Hours Later. Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes and check again!

Today it is Raining Pretty good and alot of the snow is just melting away. Might even be gone within a day or so. Got to Love this island.

On the Deadliest Catch Front Just Saw Keith and the Wizard Crew in town yesterday, The NW was here this weekend, and the CM is still out fishing. Looks like it will be an early end to the season, as the quotas were cut for Opilio this year.

Hope everyone on the East Coast has a Nice Melt off like we are!


"Seattle" Heather said...

Brrr cold!

I hope to get some pics of the NW when she comes back to Seattle...fingers crossed!

Kimi said...

wow, that's a lot of the S word. Sad to hear quotas got cut, but it gets them home a little sooner.

Nick said...

We'll take the extra snow here in Southern B.C.... they are trucking and helicopter lifting snow from Manning Park to make sure the runs on Cypress Mtn are ready for the Olympics... we got hit with a warm spell, and not much snow there since before the New Year

Anonymous said...

All the flights weren't cancelled yesterday! They were all just about five hours late arriving.

Margrita said...

Lots of snow great videos CB thanks for sharing them. The wind sounds wicked. Looks nice 6 hours later just slushy.

mamawas said...

quite the weather variety.
I appreciate the video

Kimi said...


RIP Captain Phil. You will be loved and missed. Thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to Josh and Jake, and the CM family

Groovemaster Odin said...

Shockingly sad news...heart goes out to his friends and family.

Lori said...

Thanks for the update on the boats although, sad to hear quotas were cut shorter this year, meaning less $$, but then they do get to go home earlier.

Anonymous said...

Please take care of Pete Lee.