Sunday, March 7, 2010

Elk County PA Elk!

Today, The Family an I headed out to see the inspiration for the Name of my Home County, "Elk"!

There are also some videos at the bottom of these magnificent animals.

If you are interested check out the following links:

Mum, Ernie, JS and Au!

Afterwards we hit Pizza Hut. Love those Breadsticks!

Have a great day everyone!!


amulbunny said...

Are the elk farmed or wild? They look pretty darn healthy. Thanks for sharing.

PS I hate pizza hut. Papa Johns crust is so much better. LOL.

mamawas said...

ELK!!! Western Colorado's favorite animal to view from the sites of a rifle.

Elk "tags" for hunting are often awarded via lottery here. Out of state hunters pay over $500 for the right to try to hunt an elk!

I like alumbunny's remark on farm/vs. wild elk. Do you know if they are being raised??

Enjoy the restaurant variety in PA and have a safe flight(s) back home

Margrita said...

Awesome the pictures and videos are great. Wow the elk look very content. I like the bread sticks at pizza hut also. Enjoy your vacation.

Mary C said...

Wow the elk are cool! The only time we saw elk was at Yellowstone. Thanks for the video too! Enjoy your visit home!

Bess said...

Wow, the snow up there is really melted, we still have a lot on the ground here in Beaver County. Love the elk pictures.

Carlisleboy said...

The elk are wild and range over a large portion of the county. They are Rocky Mountain Elk that were introduced in the early part of the last century after the native eastern elk were hunted to extinction. Now they have made a great comeback are the major tourist draw for the area Farmers plant certain fields and then turn it in as "Elk Crop Damage" to keep them from the major cash crops.

mamawas said...

Elk crop damage is an issue locally here. The critters like our peach and apricot trees! They seem to come down from "upcountry" in winter to forage if the snow is too deep

shannakoehn1 said...

Have you ever tried breadsticks with cheese? Sometimes they'll put jalapenos on them for you.