Sunday, March 14, 2010

Missed connections, Alice, Sinus Infections and Deadliest Catch Angels

So, I left Dubois PA at 6Am on Thursday. The Long Flight to San Francisco for my transfer was only made more difficult by what I thought at the time was a cold. In addition I had to exit Terminal 1 in SanFran and walk to Terminal 3 and go back Through Security a SECOND time because they are undergoing Construction. I did my good deed for the day when I passed the "Free Speech" booths there and after listening to them whining about George Bush, The war and How it is all Republicans fault that they live in poverty I gave them info on Unisea and How to get jobs so they would not be parasites on society anymore.

On Friday I went to the Southgate Mall in Seattle to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D!

Ooops! Almost forgot, this is Sunday, Better show some food. The above was my lunch at Panda Express; Orange Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and Beef and Broccoli. I do love that place.

Later I had a snack at Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Love their Lemonade.

Now Back to the Movie, which I highly encourage Everyone to see! Best film I have watched in a long time. Heck, Just seeing Alice in Armor kill the Jaberwocky was worth it!

Now Comes the bad part. On my decent into Seattle on Thursday I was chatting with my seatmate, a great guy named Joel. We had tententilavely made plans to do something this weekend, and then It hit; This Pounding, stabbing pain in my eye and sinuses on the left side. I started sneezing and felt like my head was going to explode. Ended up snotting all over and I think turned Joel off completely. (If you are reading this Joel, the reason I did not call is this, maybe next time?)

It was so bad I actually took a photo of my eye to make sure no blood vessels had burst. That is how much it hurt. Anyway though once I got off the plane and got to my hotel it seemed fine. In fact on Friday it seemed fine so I went to the movie. by Friday Night however I was in so much pain I collapsed in my hotel room. On Saturday morning I was no better, in fact maybe worse, so I drove myself (Thank you God and Saint Michael for watching over me), to the ER room at Highline Medical Center. Dr Hung Tran was a LIFESAVER!! This was also one of the best ER's I have ever seen. Quick, Efficient and really caring. In fact maybe a little too caring. The First two shots they gave me did not work so I had to get a ride back to the hotel if they were going to give me another shot. That is where the WONDERFUL DEADLIEST CATCH ANGEL HELEN came in. I called her and she came to pick me up. How fabulous is that? They would not release me till they saw her to make sure I made it back to my hotel safe. Of Course I was feeling fine (Better than I had in days actually) so she just followed me to the Drug store and then went to Subway with me.

Helen, The Deadliest Catch Angel!! You are the Best!! I owe you Major Presents once I get back to Dutch!

This is one of the Reasons I love Deadliest Catch. I don't know if the big shots in Hollywood or at Discovery even understand what they have in part created. The Deadliest Catch Fans are a community of people who CARE about one another as much as they care about the show. I have heard story after story about how one fan helps another, no questions asked. I know Helen had work to do yesterday but she dropped it and came right on over when I needed her. There are very few shows that have generated that Kind of a fan base. Do you think those people who watch "Real Housewives" or "Jersey Shore" would do that for one another? Not likely. Those shows are about spoiled rich brats. Deadliest Catch is about Hard working average Americans.

Now perhaps it's the Vicoden, but I just have to say that I think through all the shows the Spirit of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska has been transmitted to the viewers. The whole Community Spirit that "We're all in this Together", and "We have to do this because we're all we got" is coming through. We help one another, we care for one another, and finally What happens in Dutch Stays in Dutch. At every community function or auction it is proven again and again. Do we need to spend $100 on a homemade cheesecake, $20 on a small Pumpkin roll or $5000 on A Seattle Sea hawks trip? No. We do it to support the Community. And you all do too.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Deadliest Catch people are just "better" than your average folks. Whether that is because the show attracts that audience, or if the show has changed some folks is up to you. I'm just glad to know all of you, and I think I can say you all would do just fine in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska with that attitude!

So, Once I got back to the Hotel, I took my prescriptions and went to sleep, (Vicoden will do that) and slept, and slept and slept. I finally got up about 10am this morning after hitting the bed about 6pm last night.

Once I finish the Blog I am going to try to go to the mall again and finish up some shopping. Hopefully Tomorrow I will be back in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, unless the Snowapoclaypse is continuing. Next post from there or from Anchorage.


Reading said...

I am glad that you are recovering...I hope you are able to get back to Dutch. In my opinion, what makes DC fans the best is that they are real people - who are kind and caring and loving...and if you are ever close by and need help I am here for you...ask the Wizettes I am a great bus driver....only they all know me by my other name..

mamawas said...

Thanks for rescuing Brian
Helen. She has been a great DC friend to have I agree!!!

The DC community is great!!!

Mystic said...

I'm so sorry hon. I truly understand the pain you felt, and I'm glad the meds are helping. As for Helen, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting her in person as well. She is truly a light in this world. :)
Enjoy the rest of your time in Seattle hon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are feeling poorly. When traveling, Sinus infections are the worst. take two strong decongestants before you fly. otherwise with that serious of an infection you will feel like you are gonna dye.

As for deadliest catch and its fans. I totally agree there too. Here is an interesting story. I am a blind lady as is my daughter. last summer, A friend and us were on Tangier island in virginia. This is an isolated place in the middle of the chessapeake where the only way you can get on it is by private plane or boat. Anyway, as it came up in the clothing rotation, the first day i was there i wore my deadliest catch t shirt. All these watermen and workers in different establishments commented on it and said "if you watch that show and like it enough to get a shirt, then you understand us and what goes on behind our lives." One guy started talking to us and took us on one of those ldune buggy things to some isolated marshes and places where tourists are discouraged from going. For the record i don't go riding off in to the sunset with strange men. He just kept asking me questions about what iI thought about different plot points, and we started comparing opinions. He seemed like a good guy and hey i can get a feeling about that kind of stuff.... Holly College Park, MD

"Seattle" Heather said...

CB-Terribly sorry that you're under the weather. But it sounds like you are recovering nicely. And kudos to Helen! :) (See I didn't just look at the pictures this time-ha ha)Anyways, you make a very good point about the DC fans. And I agree with you. CB next time you are here in Seattle, try to go to the Sunday Brunch at the Salmon House on the water front

It's very good!
Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Helen was there for you CB!! I hope this finds you well on road to recovery!

May your trip back to Dutch be safe and without trouble and that the 'snowpocalypse' (great term there!) is long over...
God speed, and St. Michael protect you, M3

Cookie Dough said...

Get better CB! You were most crabby yesterday and I wasn't much better! All is well here now, no bags, Troy is trying to get through Unimak pass and will be up 24 hours straight by the time he gets home. 1 of 6 pieces of luggage came (not a shocker) and Bella is pouting!
Good travels tomorrow....still GORGEOUS GORGEOUS here (weather reports are crap!) blue sky & calm!

Kimi said...

HUGS hun. So glad Helen was able to go grab you. WTG Helen!! Feel better soon, and safe travels.

seamoon said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sending lots of healing energy and thoughts your way. It is wonderful to see both Michele and Helen in your posts. I do have to agree that DC fans are great! My the rest of your trip go well and will be looking forward to your next posting.

Nebraska Outback said...

Safe travels for the rest of your journey CB. Even in the worst of times, such as your trip to the ER, good things happen. You and Helen are wonderful examples to all of us.

Margrita said...

CB so glad Helen was able to be there for you. I am glad you were able to get some help sinus infections are horrid to have when you fly. Wishing you a safe trip back to Dutch.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Congrats CB! I just gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! If you'd like to claim it you can get it by going to my page
Hope you're better!!!

WizWench said...

Hope you're feeling better CB! Getting sick while traveling really sucks!
I knew Helen was a wonderful person and she proves it over and over again.
I totally agree with you on the DC fans. Because of a little show no one thought would catch on, I've made wonderful friends, some of which I truly think are my long-lost sisters. The show HAS created a wonderful community and I'm glad Helen was there for you.
Hugs to you and I hope to meet you some day.

Kimi said...

bad juju. no leaving it on 13

Anonymous said...

"I gave them info on Unisea and How to get jobs so they would not be parasites on society anymore.

So sorry to read what a hateful person you appear to be. Take an example from the DC people that helped you when you were sick. Try to be a bit more understanding of the people who weren't as lucky as you.

Corey said...

Anonymous said...

"So sorry to read what a hateful person you appear to be. Take an example from the DC people that helped you when you were sick. Try to be a bit more understanding of the people who weren't as lucky as you."

March 15, 2010 11:44 PM

I know CB promotes freedom of speech for comments on his blog, but as a faithfull follower of CB I'm offended by you saying this, why even post here? At least have the guts to post with your name and not anonymous.

Lori said...

CB DC fans sound just like the commercial fishing community at large. Of course maybe it's just small town America at it's best.
Safe travels.

Maskerade said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Hope you are feeling better. Helen is always great, glad she was there to help.
Tried your Mom's pie crust. It must have been wonderful, because both the pies I made with it were eaten before I got a piece.
Tell her thank you for me.

RhondaK said...

I have been out of town and just read your posts from the previous week. We've known Helen was an angel!! And you couldn't be more right when you said that the DC fans are more than just fans; we've become friends. Hope you had a great trip!