Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Post, still getting over sinus infection/jetlag/and catching up on work!

Just two quick videos. Thinking of you all but SUPER Busy!

First one up is Landing in Dutch coming in from the Ballyhoo/HogIsland Side of the Runway

Next up is some Eagles Playing Yesterday Morning.

I'll Try to post again tomorrow, just alot of work to catch up on


mamawas said...

welcome home have a great period of readjustment


Audreya said...

Loved the videos! Nice to know the flight attendant speech is the same with pretty much every airline / destination. :-)

Sorry you're still getting over the sinus infection. Have you used a neti pot before? I thought it was the most bizarre-sounding thing ever... until I had a killer sinus infection that I could NOT get over and tried it out of sheer desperation. As soon as I started using it, it cleared right up and with continued use, I haven't had another one since. Such a relief!!!

Kimi said...

sinus infections suck. Hope youre starting to feel better. check email.