Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Eagle's Sunday Brunch with Junior!

It's A Beautiful Day Up Dutch Harbor way,

with Eagles flying so High in the sky!
How Approprate for Our Brunch Today!

The Man of the Day is Working away putting our the food for Our Brunch Today!


And Sesame Chicken are the entrees today........

With Plenty of Salads for those who want..........

But Crab,
And Fruit for the Rest of Us!
Chefboy will be leaving the island in just two short weeks so take advantage of his salads and Fruit platters now!

Me, I'll concentrate on Desserts!!

It's been a Busy week For me since getting back from Vacation. Lots of work to Catch up on at the hotel, and a Fridge to restock.........

.......BTW this is what $250 of groceries looks like in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. Granted some of that is cold medicine and Contact solution that is pretty pricy but still!!
So WHY is it an Eagle Brunch With Junior Today?

Well Junior was given his Eagle Scout Merit Ceremony Yesterday at the Methodist Church Here in Unalaska. There is the Family sitting above.

The "Family"bellow From Right to Left: Captain T, Junior, CD, Juno, Dylls and Manderzz

(Dylls is now taller than Big Brother Junior BTW, LOL)

The Candle Lighting Ceremony where the Virtues that scouts are to live by are expalined.

The Path of a Scout from Tenderfoot to Eagle........

The Man Himself, along with Councilman Dick Peck

Captain T and CD Join Junior

The "Eagle" Kerchief is placed on Junior by Captain T.

Big Hug for CD!! Junior Loves his mommy!!

The Cub and Boy Scouts with their new Inspiration to go on and be Eagle Scouts too!!

Captain T and Juno,

AG and CD Serving Cake (I served the Punch)

The Brand new Eagle Scout with his new Kerchief!

And there is the Proud Girlfriend and her Mum!

A Rare shot of My Big Boss TE (GM of the Hospitality Division) with his Wife EE talking to CD.

CD Showing off her New Eagle Scout Mum Pin!

And Finally Junior's Plaque.

Congratulations Derick!!

And As for me.........

It's Back to Work!!

Have A Great Sunday!

And Before I Forget

#KILL THE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amulbunny said...

Congratulations to Jr for Eagling. That is an awesome achievement for a young man.

The troops look great. Scouting is close to our family's heart.

Great pics of the brunch. Makes me hungry.

Margrita said...

AWESOME WAY TO GO JR. CD looks so proud as does Capt. T. Wow 250.00 doesn't buy many groceries. Brunch was great as always love those fruit smoothies. Give Cd a message for me please tell her they moved dad to a rehab facility hopefully they will get the rest of the fluid off and he can return home. Don't work to hard this week

Mystic said...


mamawas said...

Congratulations first to Derrick on his Eagle...that is a long road very few young men completely travel!!! Love CD's mom pin too.

Take a deep breath as you reenter the world of work.


each day an adventure in alaska said...

congrats on the eagle scout...that is awesome!! that is not an easy thing to earn so kudo's.
the brunch looks so tasty!! i'm drooling...and starving, but anything i eat will pale in comparison...maybe i could just fly out to dutch for that sunday morning brunch, or do they deliver?? hehe.

Mary C said...

Congrats to JR! My son just crossed over into Boy Scouts! Thanks for the pictures Cb. I work for eye doctors so if you need anything I can get it for free! Take care!!

Kimi said...

Great job to Jr. My cousin is an Eagle Scout, as well as my husbands cousin. That takes a lot of work and family dedication.

Brunch was very nice, loved the salads. Sorry you dont get so much in groceries, cuz 250 is our car pretty much packed.

Reading said...

Congratulations to JR and his family what a major accomplishment...

Cookie Dough said...

Thanks all, it WAS a lot of work encouraging Jr to get all of the requirements completed. He was in DC at Jamboree when the 4 leaders were killed, and then his leader here died too. He wasn't into scouts after that...he just had to do the project (took 5 years to get him to complete it and all the paperwork, but it's done!!!)

Ohh yeah, we spend at least $500 a week on groceries for 5 plus all the get-togethers and fund raisers and all the extra kids too. Plus all the fish, crab and moose that we have in the freezers...good thing salaries are decent :)

Anthony said...

Congratulations mister president, a great day for America! Now get the soldiers home.

Anonymous said...

The bill could have waited until it was better. I would rather have seen the troops come home and the war end first!