Friday, November 26, 2010

The Christmas Nazi comes out

More than once I have been referred to as "The Christmas Nazi".
Is it WRONG that I just like to make things beautiful and Wonderful for the Holiday?
Is It Wrong that I do not trust anyone else to decorate the Lobby or do the Tree?
No, Of course it is not! They might not do it right, or Break some of my bulbs, or anyone of 100 other things that would ruin my holiday by being an eyesore every time I looked at them.
So I donned my Little Elf hat and went to work on our Huge tree!
There are people out there who put the lights on last; These people are monsters that must be stopped at all costs.
The Lights MUST be put on first and evenly distributed. Best way to do this on this large a tree is to divide it in 4 quarters from the top and spiral down the tree in overlapping loops. You can stand back and slightly squint your eyes so that you can make sure you are evenly distributed.
I am using the LED lights once again because I really like the brightness of the lights and the fact that they do not get hot like other lights, so they can be on 24/7.

Next up comes the Ornaments. With a large tree like this in a public area I place the Larger, more expensive ornaments up above the casual person and children's reach for protection. As soon as they get some in the stores I will also adorn the tree in Candy Canes. This leads to people taking the canes and leaving my ornaments and lights alone.
After three hard days of work the tree is FINALLY at the point where the icicles can be layered on. This requires an even and steady hand as you sort of "comb" the icicles through the branches until is is saturated enough to move on.
Meanwhile my trusted elf helper Hilda was given the front desk area. She is the only other person I trust with this noble task. (The new tree and boxes I just got in Anchorage when I was out.)
The Lobby is now about 3/4 done, with just some final arrangements to do and some Items to place. New this year is the Brand new Large star on the tree, some new large ornaments, and the snow Globe and Metal Nutcrackers.
Next up the Makushin and Shishaldin meeting rooms, and then the restaurants and the Cape.
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

The tree and decorations are beautiful CB. I too am a Christmas Nazi! If it's not right I'm a crazy person. I cry when someone breaks an ornament! Hope the rest of your decorating comes off without a hitch.

mamawas said...

Christmas Nazi could be an endearing nickname.
You are absolutely decorating the tree in the correct sequence, lights, interior ornmaments, exterior ornaments, then flock/icicles/garland if needed. The tree is great!!

Anonymous said...

it look,s great cb. sooo what is for lunch tomorrow???

Anonymous said...

CB. It is Christmas! Let everyone help! Where is the peace and goodwill to all men. Tin man will get you!
The grinch that stole Christmas from his employees? Tree does look good though.

Kimi said...

roflmao. OMG dont shoot me. I have a purple tree!!! if i could find them, i'd put little skull and crossbones all over it lol. I dont even consider starting decorating until after next week. My wreath is silver, ,gotta find more cool goth stuff for that. do agree lights go on first, so i have cheated and got a pre-lit tree. I think im getting the girls, a pink, blue and well ely is being a dang Christmas Nazi and wants a green one.

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks Anonymouss and Mamawas!
Kimi, You listen to Little Elly!
SHE obviously knows the correct way of doing things!

Margrita said...

WOW awesome tree. You did a great job and yes lights go on first. I love the description of the steps very humorous. The lobby looks very festive.

Mj in Md said...

Your Christmas tree and other decorations are beautiful! I'd come up there just to see it in person. LOVE the warm holiday feeling it gives. Keep up the great work...please. ;-)

Mj in MD

Been there done that said...

I have been taught by a CN(Christmas Nazi of old) My mother. The lights go on starting with a single strand that goes around the trunk then you bring them out mid branch then out to the tips until you do a round of pretty bells all around the entire thing so it has so many lights it can light the entire room at night. This is followed by ornaments not cheap cheesy ones but hand blown passed down thru the ages then the Collection of Hallmark ones then garland and icicles. There is never enough stuff to cover a room in Christmas cheer. From Nicknacks to garland to lights my mothers house has always had that warm feeling every year. Thanks for the memories you have stirred so sweetly. The tree looks great.

Anonymous said...

Someday, when you're old and bent over in pain, you will say..."Why didn't I learn to delegate?" As the person with authority you should be sitting back and enjoying a cocktail while the crew is sweating through your commanding directions. They will eventually learn to do it right... while you enjoy life and the lights from afar with knowledge that not only your back is healthy, but your employees know how you operate and how you want things done. Enjoy life! Three days on a tree? Next year, get some help! After shipping in hundreds of new mattresses you're eventually going to feel it.

Kimi said...

Do it so you know its right, then next year they know what he expects, he can delegate then? lol i know some people just prefer to do it themselves, so its right in their eyes. If he lived near me, i'd let him loose lol.

I told Ely what you said. she laughed. I prefer handmade ornaments. We pick ones we like, and don't fuss about it all looking perfect. but that's just us. i love going in and seeing how some people decorate, and CB is top of my charts

Lori said...

Beautifully done as usual CB! My trees are already up too and I have a great big one out front of the house - about 12ft. And I too am the Christmas nazi - just ask my family - LOL! And yes, I too agree - lights first (but I don't have to worry about that with my pre=lit tree).

terrig said...

I love it and I'm also a Christmas Nazi!
I know someone who needs to take lessons from you on how to decorate the Christmas tree-you decorate the correct way-as I do, the way I was taught as well. The tree is beautiful!
I have mine up, the outside is done too! I did mine during the "Fish Porn" extravaganza on the Discovery channel over the weekend while the hubby did the outside decorations. But I do have one Christmas decoration that always brings a laugh-the infamous Leg Lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story". The tree is in the first front window and the Leg Lamp is in the second one. It's indescribably beautiful, it reminds me of the 4th of July!
Hope everything goes well and Santa is good to you!

Kimi said...

cant leave it on this number. bad juju

Kerry said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who squinted to test the layering & distribution of the tree lights!!! I am such a Christmas Nazi that I bought my kids their own trees just so they leave my real one alone!!

Sasha said...

I love your tree. Good job!

Mystic said...

If it is possible, I think this year's tree tops last year's. Brilliant job hon, and anyone who puts light on after the ornaments is just plain wonky!!!
Hugs and much love!

emarienan said...

miss your posts. it's been a while...guess you've been busy...

Anonymous said...

not much room left on that tree