Monday, November 1, 2010

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Fill it in, Write it In Alaska. 10 Rational Reasons Why We MUST Support Lisa!

1. Lisa is a Lifelong Alaskan. She and her husband have chosen to have businesses here and Raise their families Here. She know the unique challenges that Face Alaskans, and Votes, not always with the Republican Party, But always for the Good Of Alaska.
2. Lisa has received the Endorsement of the Alaskan Federation of Natives who represent over 20% of the states population. They know all the things she has done for them, From Land Rights, to aid to the Health Clinics Lisa has and will always put Alaskans first.
3. Lisa supports the Fisheries that Give so Many of Us our jobs and livelihoods. She also supports Native Subsistence rights, that allow them to continue traditions 10,000 years old.
4. Ted Stevens supported her. Ted groomed her to be his successor as the Senior Alaskan Senator. Remember Ted's Famous Comment:
"People who vote against this today are voting against me and I will not forget."?
Now that Ted is in Heaven and has God's ear do you REALLY want him on your bad side?
Seriously, the Amount of money that Ted Brought to Alaska is known as "The Ted Stevens Effect", Lisa can do the same with her seniority!

5. Lisa Understands Alaska's Importance in the World Economy, From our Oil Production to our Fishing Ports to strategic importance in the arctic. She will continue to ensure that Alaska is always on the minds of those in Washington DC.
6. Lisa is Against granting Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants. Lisa is for LEGAL immigration that brings so many workers to Alaska, and puts them on a 10 year track for citizenship. The People who come here legally should be rewarded for their efforts, not pushed to the back of the line by Obama and his cronies.
7. Lisa Supports the Soldiers and veterans in all her efforts, from securing benefits for veterans to encouraging returning soldiers to come to Alaska and make their homes here. She supports The Ground Based Missile Defense System, much of which will be based in Alaska and provide jobs, infrastructure and Safety for this Great Land
8. Lisa is a Strong Supporter of the Second Amendment, and like most Alaskans Hunts and Fishes. She is a strong supporter of Subsistence Hunting and Predator Control.
9. Lisa is for The Economic Growth of our state, encouraging the RESPONSIBLE use of our Natural Resources such as Oil and Gas, while also providing incentives for Cleaner forms of energy, especially in Rural communities.
10 Health Care Reform:

Lisa Murkowski opposes the Democrats’ version of health care reform that was passed by the Congress because it will increase health care costs and insurance premiums, making it even more difficult for Alaskans to obtain access to health care and afford health care insurance.

The Democrats’ health care bill will impose additional fees as a result of those higher costs. A study by Mark Foster, one of Alaska’s leading health care analysts, found that under the law, premiums in Alaska would rise by 12 percent, a net increase of about $1,160 for some individuals and $2,950 for some families. Foster also predicts that roughly 50 percent of the health care plans in the state would be subject to a 40 percent excise tax on high value insurance plans. In addition, the bill does nothing to fix the Medicare reimbursement rate for Alaska, which exacerbates the problem of access to a health care provider.

Lisa Murkowski supports health care reform that:•Guarantees insurance coverage to those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or mental diseases, as well as for rare or genetic conditions;
•Bans insurance companies from denying claims or canceling coverage because of a newly detected health condition;
•Ensures those who like their health coverage can keep it, even if they move or switch jobs;
•Guarantees important health care decisions are made by you and your doctor, rather than federal bureaucrats.
•Prevents insurance companies from placing financial limitations or caps on how much they will pay for your treatment; and
•Provides for medical liability reform that will result in lower health care costs for doctors and patients alike.
Reimbursement Rates . . .Lisa Murkowski notes that one of the simplest ways to reduce health care costs is through preventative care that prevents chronic disease. Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke have the potential to be averted if preventative measures are taken.

To achieve this goal, patients must be able to access a health care provider, a task not always as simple as it should be given the high cost of providing health care services in Alaska. That is why Senators Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski obtained a permanent 35 percent increase in the Medicare reimbursement rate for Alaska.

As small business owners, practitioners must have some predictability to forecast overhead expenses, labor, rent, and malpractice costs. Constantly fluctuating Medicare reimbursement rates lead to instability within the health care community. That is why Lisa Murkowski is a co-sponsor of legislation that would replace the Medicare reimbursement rate formula with an index that would keep reimbursements in line with practice costs.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has been working for Alaska for Many Years. Now it is time for us to Work to get her elected again:


mamawas said...

I respect Brian's devotion to the elections and hearing Ted S supported her is another plus. I promise to vote locally CB!!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I don't always agree with your assessment of politics but I do think that Alaskans would be better served by electing Lisa Murkowski than the idiot Miller. I hope your write in campaign is a success.

Nebraska Outback said...

Excellent post CB - You are a valuable ally. Best wishes for Lisa's success, and I promise I'll vote locally!

Carlisleboy said...

I try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to keep politics out of my posts, But this election is so Important to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Alaska in General and the Nation as a whole that I just could not keep quiet about it!

Margrita said...

Awesome post CB I hope your candidate wins. You have done a great job supporting her and explaining her views if I lived there she would have my vote.

Anonymous said...

I wish more Republicans were like her. Especially in the lower 48. Please remember that when you blindly throw your support to that party b/c they aren't 'Bama/Pelosi. They're are NOT like her at ALL. My prediction is she won't make it too much further than this b/c she's not in-line with the rest of them and that's a damn shame.

terrig said...

It looks like she's ahead as of this morning and I hope she does win. It's hard to find out when your race will be settled. Any ideas? I read that once they opened up the "write in" process, they were worried that people would write in people like Mickey Mouse or else themselves.

We're still waiting on finding out who won the 11th District here in VA.

Never apologize for your political feelings. Unlike many folks, you articulate your reasons for supporting her rather than just pulling the lever based on what initial is behind their name.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Before you gloat CB, wait for the the write in results. Many of us wrote in a name that was NOT Lisa

mamawas said...

Alaska Election Results: Murkowski Seems to Have Lead
David Knowles

AOL News Surge Desk (Nov. 3) -- In the digital age, Alaskans have apparently not forgotten how to write.
interesting report I just checked the AK election results again. I liked the spelling comment!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Lisa Murkowski on her win!!!

mamawas said...

Did you see the local results Brian?

KUCB News (2010-11-03)
UNALASKA, AK (kucb) - Through the early morning, the Division of Elections tallied ballots from across the state. Here in Unalaska, the precinct's votes were counted by 8:15. Here are the local results:

651 people voted in Unalaska yesterday - a higher turnout than last month's municipal election.

In the Senate race, 290 write-in votes were cast, many of which were likely for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost her primary in August. Democrat Scott McAdams came in second place with 161 votes. Republican nominee Joe Miller received 151 votes. Sixteen votes were cast for third party candidates. Statewide, write-in candidates received 41% of the vote, and Miller came in second with 34%.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Last I heard, she was winning, was she not?

Or is it over? Who DID win?