Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CB in Anchorage and Sarah Palin's Alaska!

So first off I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and hints (Yes, I have been using a Neti-Pot for months). News from the Doctor I came to Anchorage to see is good. I do not have to have surgery immediately, maybe never. I do have the Largest sinus passages the doctor has ever seen though.......maybe that is why I can taste and smell better than most people? I do have a narrowing and some scarring of the passages which makes me succeptable to infections. I just have to monitor it and when one does occurr take some steroids with the Antibiotics to clear it up. So anyway that is great news.

I have spent the Last few days shopping with Miss Veda, going to the Movies and Watching lots of FOX news!

Also Watched the Premere of Sarah Palin's Alaska on Sunday night.

And Since I was here in Anchorage, I took a quick trip up to Wasilla (about a 30 minute drive) to see if I could Find Sarah's house.

I Did! I even got shots of the fence they had to put up to keep that freaky reporter from looking in their yard.

It was VERY cold and windy today in Anchorage and Wasilla. Not looking forward to taking off in that tomorrow to head back to Dutch.
Wish me luck everyone!


Lori said...

Wow - ourry to hear you're not feeling well and possible surgery - bummer! I watched 1?2 of Sarah's show last night and she had me laughing! The pics of her house are beautiful _ thanks! Take care and have a safe flights!

terrig said...

I wish you could trade some with my daughter on the nasal passages, hers are so small but that's another story. At least they found out something-I hope after Obamacare kicks in you can still get your surgery if you need it.
Do you all not get Fox News in Dutch? I think I would go nuts without it.
I watched the Sarah Palin show too and it makes me want to visit AK even more. Her house looked really beautiful and your pics were too. That idiot reporter, only God knows what his stupid "book" will say. She's going to Homer next week-wonder if she'll stop in the Time Bandit store-if you cannot already tell Johnathan is my favorite captain.
Hope your flight isn't too bad. It does look cold in those pictures.
Looks like they'll be able to call your election soon.
Feel better.
terri in va

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin? CB you need therapy. She is a raving lunatic.

mamawas said...

a large sinus diagnosis...unique and probably beneficial! Sounds like a livable condition. Aren't you glad you KNOW what this issue was??

Anchorage is a cool city. The airport is a museum of displays. Loved driving around the city and the area in April.

Take care, Donna

Kimi said...

lol Anon. Glad the diagnosis wasnt too bad. lol@driving to Wasilla to get photos. How was your shopping trip? get anything interesting?

Safe travels. hope the weather holds for ya

Carlisleboy said...

Anchorage is a pretty good city.
I must admit I am humbled that Miss Veda is my equal in every way at shopping, I just enjoy it more!
Thanks Everyone!

Margrita said...

CB so glad its not surgery and can be handled with steroids and antibiotics. Cool looking pictures love the snow. I watched the show also just love all the scenic shots. Hope you have a good trip back to the island. Glad you got to enjoy shopping.

Audreya said...

Now I'm wondering if I have large sinuses! I taste and smell everything and am constantly getting infections too (far fewer since I added in the neti pot but still too many). Interesting. Glad they think they can treat you non-surgically!!

And I agree with terrig that watching Sarah Palin's Alaska made me want to visit even more!

Lori said...

Sorry for all my terrible typos last night - I really wasn't drunk - just typing in the dark - LOL!!

terrig said...

Brian, what is up with your election? Has it been settled or not? I heard that it was but now I hear that it is not? Think you'll have a Senator before the rest are seated in January?
I see the Kodiak is on her way in and that they won't be at their homes for Thanksgiving. Will they be spending them with you all?
Looking forward to watching Sarah's show on Sunday. Trying to talk hubby into an AK cruise next summer or the summer after that when the kids are a bit older.
BTW did you catch the YouTube thing on Fox News Watch where Judith Miller and of course her name just slipped my mind but she gives commentary every Saturday and Sunday at 11:55 a.m. EST, (Nina something or another) anyway, they were mocking her. Jon Scott was laughing too. I was kind of surprised and not in a good way.
Have a nice weekend.

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