Friday, November 18, 2011

Derick's Pictures.....London First Day

Ok, So we are Finally back in The USA and I'm already Back to work. Sorry for the long wait on these but for some reason my laptop is not accepting anything plugged into it's USB ports so it has taken a while to get pictures uploaded.

I promised you some shots that Derick took so I think I will go through them first.
Here are some from the first day in London

At Heathrow
The London Cabs
Sunrise as we rode in a taxi to the hotel

Our Hotel

Down at the National Gallery at Trafalger Square

Parliment and Big Ben

A new building named "The Spire", soon to be the tallest building in Europe
Do you recgonize this from some Harry Potter Movies?
And One more of the Hotel.
Much Much More to come!


mamawas said...

Thanks for the pix Derrick and Brian does Big Ben appear to be leaning towards Parliament in the last two shots?
May this Thanksgiving bring happiness and a great buffet to Unalaska.
Happy Thanksgiving friends

Margrita said...

Wonderful pictures thanks for sharing Derrick and Brian. I enjoyed the shots of London love the cabs. ?Have a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoy good food and good friends.