Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Junior and CB to the UK!

So, it's that time of the year again, Though a bit delayed by The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, and the start of the Deadliest Catch, it's My Fall Vacation!
A friend had to cancel out of a trip we were planning but luckily Junior was able to take her place!
Yes, It will be two weeks of Junior/Derick and me Traveling. Where to You ask? Well...........
....Does this give you a hint?
After traveling all day yesterday and arriving VERY early in the AM we checked in at the Hilton London Euston
And After a good Hearty English Breakfast we were off to do some sightseeing!

The National Gallery, where, no photographs permitted of course, we saw Works by Michaelango, Van Goth, Monet and others too numerous to mention.
The National Gallery is located right by Trafalgar Square
And in the Heart of London, which is seeing an enormous Building boom due to the Olympics coming up in just......268 days according to the monument.

Then we hopped on the where CB cunningly purchased tickets before we got there and got us two days of being driven around for the price of one!
From just two blocks from our hotel to Parliment and Big Ben,

To the Thames River Cruise, (remember I dropped some Unalaskan Sea Glass here last time)
To the London Eye

The Tate Modern,
A New Building nicknamed "The Shard" which will be the tallest in Europe when Complete next year,
To Tower Bridge and
The Tower of London, the Original Tour Bus will take use there!
Now, You might have noticed Junior taking a lot of photos in the previous pictures, Well that's cause he changed his Major at college to Photography, and this trip is proving to be inspirational, He shot some 1200 photos today. I'll share some in later posts once he finished transferring them.
So after a busy day we went back to the hotel and Crashed, only getting up about 10pm to go get some food and check on Kings Cross Station and St Pancreas for the next leg of our journey. Back at London sightseeing tomorrow, but for now bed!

Have a Great Day everyone!


mamawas said...

so my guess was totally wrong on the vacation destination, the skies look bright and Derrick will learn so much, great times ahead Brian


Hey Bro, glad to see that you guys are having a good time, but let that poor boy sleep, he looks exhausted!

Safe travels!!!!!! said...

make sure to check out the globe theatre and the lamb and flag pug in covent garder

Margrita said...

Awesome what a great vacation. The pictures are great. Wishing you and Derrick a wonderful time enjoy it.

Mystic said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! London...oh how I miss London! Is this Jr.'s first time to the UK? Enjoy the trip, and I'm going to keep checking in to see the pics and hear about your adventures!