Monday, November 7, 2011


Well, You may have guessed our next stop on the tour.....................PARIS!
And, Of course my favorite Cafe in all the World

My Choice for lunch with Champagne? The Croque-Monsieur a Toasted ham and cheese sandwich Dipped in egg and grilled. Just Amazing
Derick had the
Salade César,
Tomatoes, poultry, rocket salad, hard-boiled egg, Parmesan cheese.
Yeah, A Caesar Salad.............But the best salad in the world, with the best Bread. Just Wonderful!
As the Cafe was just a short walk from the Hotel, and the weather was great, we Just kept Right on Going down the Avenue and ended up .....................
At the Louvre!

A very happy (and Full) boy who just shot like 500 pictures of Paris on our way here.....
And here is Me, standing in front of the Mona Lisa (not in the Picture) Calling my Mum and Veda telling them where I was.......Wow, I look tired!
Well, with the time change catching up to us we made a short night of it so we could get up early and go to.............
Notre Dame

Like the good little Catholic Boy I am I went right up the Aisle and sat down and said my prayers, inspired by this beautiful building.

And I lit three Candles, One for my Mum who was sick, One for my Grandmother who always had a special Connection to the Blessed Mother, and one for Veda's Hubby Tom. It seemed to help my Mum, so I hope it helps Tom too!

Next Up, the Luxemborg Gardens!

Then, It was time for Lunch! On our way over to the Eiffel Tower we saw this place with a line 6 deep outside in the street! We figured if the locals liked it that much it must be good! And it was! Best Sandwiches Around!
And Now for the Tormenting of Alicia.........yes, Derick has been drinking a lot of Orangina.
We Continued our walk.......

Look at that Gas station. That 1.75 Euro PER LITER! I'll never compalin about $4 gas again!

And soo, there before us was the Grand Lady of Paris! (I just love this picture, Don't know why, just really captures the essence of the Day I guess)

So, Derick Decides we need to to go the Top so he can call his mum from the Eiffel Tower.
Let's just say there was a line..................
..........A long Line.....................
...............A VERY LONG LINE!!! After about 1.5 hours we finally got to the ticket station just as they closed the Top because it was too Full, so we just went up to the middle and got these shots of Paris from Above.............

So, we pretty much walked half the city that day. We started out at the University in the AM (photos of that to come) then Notre Dame, the the Gardens then Lunch then Eiffel so it was time for a quick metro back to the hotel, to wash up for dinner. (photos of that to come too! Just wait till you see our dessert Drinks!)
I promise, Some of Derick's photos will be on here soon. He has them in "raw" form right now which means they are in a format that blogger can't post, But soon. You should see some of the ones from The British Museum and The Louvre!
Have a great Day!


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love Paris. I have so many wonderful memories of walking the Champs-Élysées in the summer and in the winter when the trees sparkled with twinkling lights. There is no place like Paris. I've been to mass there and at the Cathedral de St Martin de Tours in Tours and it was magical. We used to hit an Italian place that was over the Metro and every time a train went by it was like an earthquake.

So glad you got to enjoy the City of Lights.


Well now Derrick looks rested and you look exhausted bro!!!! But at least you are having fun and what a great experience for Derrick for his studies...... and the boy is being fed really well too......!

Audreya said...

What an amazing trip so far! I love Paris. I went to Mass at Notre Dame and it was so special. I was raised by a Catholic father and a Protestant mother. Even though I didn't choose the Catholic faith, I say I'm "culturally Catholic". I felt like many generations of my family were with me at that Mass. But even visiting Notre Dame pales in comparison to the pastries in Paris. :-) And the cheese. And the bread.

Can't wait to see where the next leg of the adventure takes you!

Margrita said...

What an awesome trip you have had so far. Paris is such a gorgeous city, the buildings are so incredible. You have had some awesome meals I love the Cesar Salad looked yummy. I loved all the great pictures my favorite is the one of Luxembourg Gardens. Get some rest can't wait to see where your adventure takes you next. Have a great time.

mamawas said...

how lucky to pray in an old church!! Loving the vacation shots and calls to loved ones.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog! I am going to Paris in February to study embroidery at Lesage and it's exciting to get an idea of how lovely everything is! Thanks for posting so many wonderful photos!