Monday, April 2, 2012

The Amangiri Moment of Zen for April 3

Today, Early morning, looking up the "Mesa Wing" of suites. Scattered clouds, cool, in the 50's-60's, a strong breeze carries the smell of the Apple and Almond blossoms, and the sound of trickling in the water features only adds to the serene and peaceful beauty.

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

So happy that you have found a real job, That place looks so organised, clean and well kept. Do you miss that pot holed road to the Grand? Do you miss trying to get to the Harbor View Grill, having to climb over a snow bank because the managers are too lazy to shovel a walkway? Maybe you will get your sanity back. Welcome to the real world!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are happy, but I also hope you miss at least a few aspects of living in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. It would be quite sad to think you were there as long as you were without any attachments and feelings for the people and place.

Carlisleboy said...

Wow, Right of of the box Huh Anonymous? Of course I miss my friends, most of which I e-mail and talk to daily, the pace of life, the Eagle calls lulling me to sleep and all the rest. But times change, And I am REALLY enjoying this new adventure and all the challenges inherent in a Luxury Resort/Retreat. I LOVE not having to say NO to guest requests. You want a skybed made up to watch for meteors? DOne. You want to take a helicopter ride to the top of a Mesa on our propery for a champagne lunch? What time? No Problem. A white-water rafting trip down the Colorado river? Just give us a time. A bartender for your private pool in one of the suites? Which liquors and mixers would you like available? A floating bed on the pool for an afternoon nap? Give us 10 minutes. A smores party on your private balcony on your fireplace, a sitter, and a magician to entertain the kids while you have a private dinner with your partner in our wine cellar or Open kitchen? That's a specialty of ours.
Basically, Yes.
As I say in my opening, a little bit of Unalaska and Dutch will always be with me, but an adventure like this comes along once in a lifetime.
And As I did every day in Dutch Harbor and Unalaska, I thank God every day for my life and the fortune he has granted me.
"Aman" means peace, and that is what I wish for you all.

mamawas said...

thanks for the blooming trees!!! Donna