Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amangiri, photos of the Day Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the few days pause, Moved into my new apartment and we had a full house for the Passover/Easter Weekend so I was rather busy. Here are a few shots from the last few days.

 These Three are the view from my new apartment every morning as I get ready to go to work. That is Lake Powell in the background. A million dollar view!!
 I just loved this little wildflower that is near the villa from previous posts.
 And It got COLD the other night! The temperature extremes here in the high desert are so extreme. From 70s-80s in the day to freezing overnight. The car was covered in ice the other morning.. But it got up to 70 in just a few hours.
I hope Everyone had a great Passover/Easter Weekend. Back to work now!!!
Have an AMAZING day!


Dani said...

Really enjoying seeing these pictures, i am actually doing a desert module at university so helpful for me to see aswell :)

mamawas said...

beautiful sunsets in our deserts!

Stephen Huls said...

Ah yes the land of many seasons all at once, Tuesday was a great 80 deg day, I am a few hours to your north in middle of Utah mountain valley, guess it will Snow on Saturday, be nice for summer to come and stay. (heater just broke in the truck lol)
Have a great week.

Margrita said...

GORGEOUS PICTURES. I have enjoyed reading and looking at the wonderful pictures wow you work in an awesome place such scenic views. Have a great weekend.