Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Owners Villa at Amangiri

 There are some places that are just too amazing to believe, Some buildings that are so much a part of the place, that they are no longer a separate area, but an intricate part of the whole.
 The endless pool at the Owners Villa at Amangiri is a perfect example.
 As is the step fountain and pool.......

 And the amazing views from every window and door

Amangiri. Yeah, it's that cool.

Have a great Day!
Oh, what would everyone think of maybe me doing a picture a day from this amazing spot?
Work is hard and long, but I would love to show you all a few shots that I see every day.
And I think it would be easier to do a single shot a day with a few words than a full post.
Let me know.


mamawas said...

I will check daily for fresh scenery pictures!! The peach trees are blooming up the road in Grand Junction too! Donna

Miss Minnie said...

I would also check daily for the "Photo of the day" I love your eye for nature!! So happy you are back, I really did miss you,your stories and of course your photo's for the past couple of months. So delighted things worked out for you......

Nebraska Outback said...

I would love to see a pic a day. The desert is so amazing, and this place has done an incredible job of blending in. It's delightful.

Ikeya Seki said...

Hey - anybody know what kind of trees are those?