Saturday, April 14, 2012

Amangiri, Snow in the Desert

So, We have been having a little bit of a cold spell for two days. (Personally, I barely noticed, but everyone around here is dressed up in heavy coats and shivering all the time. It's like 50 degrees! That is t-Shirt and Shorts weather in Unalaska!)
 And then Finally this morning about 11am we got what the locals here are calling snow. You can see it up on the ridge line of the Mesa. It's BARELY termination dust, but everyone here is all excited/complaining about it. Some places near us got more like an inch in Big Water UT and more in Flagstaff AZ.
 This is really the first time I have seen rain/fog here and the colors of the resort change so much when everything is wet.

 Really, a great break in the day.
Of Course tonight, The Power Company is replacing some lines for all of Southern UT so the Power will be out from 11pm-5am on a cold night. The hotel has a generator though so we will not have any issues. My apartment will be without power though......good thing for cell phone alarms.
Back to work now!
Have an Amazing Day!


mamawas said...

It rains "mud" after a dry spell as we have had lately too. GJ missed the promised rain and we are using Colorado River water to irrigate our property.
Hope the Page rains heads our way


I am waiting for Mountain Dew to appear in a blog post. You do still drink it...right?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, I have to tell you, CB, that place is frigging BEAUTIFUL!

How did you ever find it -- and -- did you purposely seek the direct opposite of your prior paradigm?

From ICE to DESERT??


Carlisleboy said...

I am actually down to maybe 1-2 mountain Dews a day sis. (And I have to admit my blood pressure is down a considerable bit) It's my morning treat and if I get home early enough I might have one, like tonight, but basically I have been drinking lots of gatorade and powerade to keep hydrated, it's so dry here.

And BZ, they sorta found me, I was really looking in the Seattle area, but a chance like this comes along once in a lifetime. It was just the right fit at the right time, and the team here is everything I wanted at the Grand Aleutian. We are all in it together, and we can do such amazing things for our guests that it is like a dream come true.
I LOVE going to work every day. LOVE IT! The work is long, hard and challenging, but the rewards are so great. AMAN resorts really knows how to both WORK and REWARD employees. I really lucked out and the Big Guy really came through on my prayers in a way I would have never guessed.