Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Beautiful Week at Amangiri, and Stocking up for a Special Arrival!

 So, It's been another amazing week at Amangiri
 Skies so Blue and the sun so bright
 The Villa just shines in the light, and it is so open it goes through every room

 And the Plums are getting ripe on the trees !

 I have a special arrival coming in this week to work at the Resort and stay at my place so I have been stocking up with all new stuff
 And getting the house stocked with lots of food!
 Check back soon to see who is coming!!!
Have an Amazing Day!


Wednesday said...

I'll always be a PA lover, but it sure looks beautiful there. I love visiting that part of the country.

mamawas said...

we are left guessing about the visitor. The mention of food hints at a younger male, maybe Derek? Maybe little sister however too. Have a perfect visit!

Michelle H. said...

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Just looking at the plateaus makes me want to grab a horse and spend all day riding and exploring.

Thank you for sharing the beauty you are surrounded by on a daily basis. I get a peaceful feeling everytime I look at it.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

miss you lots!!! <3

Margrita said...

GORGEOUS views enjoy your visitor. I am sure they will enjoy working there the scenery is spectacular.