Friday, June 22, 2012

Longest Day and Sonic, Derick without piercings, around the Resort and town

So I sorta missed "The Longest Day of the Year" post by a few days.....but we were busy!
 After a Long, Hard day at work it was time to Hit Sonic for their 1/2 price shake special on the Solstice.....and load up on some American classics..........
 Like Cheese covered Tater-Tots!
 Derick had never been to a Sonic before so this was all new to him...........
 .............Like the size of the Large Snickers Sonic Blast ordered. And look! No Piercings!!!!
(He had to take them out for work at the Resort! All part of my plan to get rid of the damm things!)
 After imbibing that many calories we hiked down to the overlook for the Glenn Canyon Dam that forms Lake Powell.
 The Stones are so unique here

 ....But watch out for that next step!!!

 In addition to working in the Pastry Kitchen Derick also has a few Breakfast shifts a week which means up at 4am to get to work............(here's a hint, He's not a "morning person")
 And then last night after getting out new Satellite Internet and Direct TV in and basically sitting around while the installers did their thing for a few hours we decided to go for a sunset drive as it was getting cooler. Ended up in the back end of nowhere, but it was still pretty cool.

 And around the resort life continues as least Normal for here........

And someone really likes their Mum and Dad....(all this set up for their arrival)

Back to work for me!
Have an Amazing Day!!


mamawas said...

That Glen Canyon Dam overlook reminds me of the overlooks you took me to in Unalaska Brian! I know the Colorado River isn't sending much water to Powell, I see "sandbars" mid river in GJ I didn't know existed. I can see kids playing mid river!!! We are so needing precipitation.

Anonymous said...

Hoping Derick is allowed to be on FB. We miss him and his wit.

mamawas said...

awful but informative pix Donna

Margrita said...

Thanks for the great pictures love the ones of the canyon. Glad to see Derick enjoy some Sonic food love the shakes. Enjoy your weekend. :D