Saturday, June 16, 2012

Derick Arrives, Chef Davide, His wife and a Trip to Zion National Park!

So, Mamma Was was of course Right, Derick is working at Amangiri for the summer!!!
On the Plus side for all of us he will have to take out all his piercings at work so I should be able to get some pictures of him without all the "bling"!
 Here is Derick with his first look at Lake Powell At Walweap right down from my apt, Yeah, it's so beautiful he was like speechless for a minute.
 So, We flew Derick into Saint George UT, Which is about 3 hours away from the resort, (and A LOT cheaper then flying direct to Page) but on the way back you can drive right through Zion National Park. Just for kicks I invited Chef Davide and his wonderful wife to join us, since she just arrived for a visit and HE had not gotten away from the resort for like two weeks. Needless to say we had an amazing time!
 Unlike when I was there as a kid the "scenic" route is now a shuttle only route that bypasses the main road, where shuttles run between all the major stops every 7 minutes.  The view from the shuttles themselves are amazing..........
 ............but getting dropped off and going for hikes is even better!!!

 The scenery is utterly amazing............
 ..............and evidently in Davide's case a little romantic. (His Wife and him are SOOOO Cute!)
 We did two hikes and the second was my favorite, because we got to walk up a narrowing canyon, partially in the stream that is named "The Virgin" River.

 Lots of Sticks are left at the beginning of the trail for eager hikers to make their way upstream

 Almost but not no shots of Derick or Davide slipping into the river. We all made it through Dry!

 Even me........damm, look at my tan!!

 Climbing out on rocks for even more pictures!

 And then on the drive home at about 6000-7000 feet the stone formations are really cool
 And we even saw some bighorn Sheep. (Expand the photo and look carefully right in the middle of the one bellow. There were to many cars to stop right down by them.)
So, now that I have a traveling companion expect a lot more trips around this amazing part of the country!
Have an Amazing Day!


mamawas said...

Zion rocks, don't forget to go to Arches too (in the AM for hiking)
Nice tan Brian, thanks for the pix Donna

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Love love love the Walk to the Narrows. When my children were wee little ones, we did that and it was so cool and interesting. Zion is my #2 favorite park after Yosemite. Glad you could share it!

What is Derick going to do this summer?

Have fun, keep hydrated and enjoy.

Margrita said...

What a great place to hike that looked like fun. Zion is beautiful, you got some great pictures. Glad Derrick arrived safely, he sure is working in a gorgeous place what awesome scenery you guys get to enjoy. Have a good week.

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