Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alaska Steve's 500th Post, Lisa Marie and The Last Lupine!!

RIGHT NOW, Before You Read the Rest of this Post I want you to go to
And Congratulate Steve on his 500th Posting.
If it was not for him I would not be here in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska Today. While I was researching the island I learned all I could about it from many sources, But it was HIS photos that made me fall in love with it. When I came up for my "site tour" while being offered my current job, He, Goldfish and Chico graciously invited crazy little Deadliest Catch Fan me into their home to visit. I am so Happy they are doing so well, with a new home, a fantastic Marriage, and an entertaining Dog that allows them to live there. Sometimes the "Good Guy" Does win, and there is no better Good Guy on the Island that Steve. He is the "Blogfather" of us all, and Still takes the best photos of all those who follow in his wake.
Congratulations, And Thank You!!!!!

Especially with letting us know that you Can do a blog out here, even Considering our Internet.....

Still waiting on photos from Late night at The Fisherman's Halloween. Like Lauri over at I just could not wait around all night for them to Decide when to show up. Here is a Photo of H, one of our Bartenders. What did a certain Captain say a few months back about Alaskan Women? I Did not know Blind guys could be captains....

On my Normal walk around Bunker Hill with my New friend Last night we could just see the new snow getting laid down on the higher peaks........Winter is coming, you could almost smell it in the air.

As we were Up on Bunker we heard an Engine Starting up down by we were rounding the Bend onto Glass Beach on the way home The Lisa Marie Comes tooling on by.

You can see some Camera Crews on her, so I guess she made the "cut" for another season. That is cool, I always think of them as the "Little Boat that Could".

PLUS, for such a small boat she really hauls A*$!!!!

And Finally I was AMAZED to see this last evening.........most of the Lupines have been gone for months..........a little reminder that though Winter is almost here, Spring will come!!

I am taking the Day off tomorrow, First Day since I got back from Vacation, so Probably no Sunday Brunch until I get some pictures from Junior.

Have a Great weekend Everyone!!


Kim said...

Enjoy your day off! Love the pics, and all the info. Hope Junior gets some interesting shots for us. Posted to Alaska STeves blog, congratulating him on 500 posts. Wow his house is nice!

Reading said...

Well I hope the Captain that made that comment has seen the error of his ways....maybe he will learn to think before he Steve's house, I can't believe it is snowing up there...we still have tanning weather....

mamawas said...

Alaska Steve, thanks for the photographic advice you have offered me too!!!

Autumn is in the air in Dutch Harbor I know. I will harvest my final weeks worth of tomatoes for you CB.

Take care,


Margrita said...

Great pictures CB. I have always enjoyed seeing the Lisa Marie they might be little, but they are in there fishing right beside the big boats. Fall is beautiful in dutch the last lupine is gorgeous. Enjoy your day off like the new buddy you found... LOL

Mystic said...

CONGRATS TO STEVE! I know I have truly enjoyed following his blog over the last couple of years. Thank you for giving us a peek into your amazing world Steve.

Wow caught the Itty Bitty leaving! I have a lot of affection for that little boat. Fair and following Lisa Marie!
Enjoy your day off CB.

Johan said...

Hello from Holland

mamawas said...

just hit 200 followers Monday October 19th Congratulations CB


Kim said...

Aww I was a few days off. Congrats CB.

Corey said...

I seen you made it on the Cornelia Marie only if they'd get you on the show!!! :o)

Lori said...

And if it wasn't far AK Steve's blog, we wouldn't have become friends.......congrats to you too!

Alaska Steve said...

Thanks CB! I appreciate the shout out! I've been a lazy blogger lately but you guys have been picking up my slack - cheers, Steve

Anonymous said...

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