Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cardiff Speedboat videos....before heading back to Dutch Harbor and Super Slow Internet uploads....

Before I head back to Dutch Tomorrow, and the Super Slow internet there, I thought I would post some of the videos from my Speedboat trip in Cardiff.




video video


mamawas said...

I am confused, you are back in Dutch according to your posts (today is Oct 1) but the title indicates you are still in the UK.

Video is good CB


Kim said...

lol he is still either in Seattle or Anchorage. He is posting his pics and videos from his trip before he goes back up to Dutch Harbor.

Carlisleboy said...

Still in Seattle. Leave tomorrow. Shopping and having a bit of last minute fun.

Kim said...

CB you got me sick from that boat ride. Im fine on the water...but watching a video...makes me nauseous. HUGS. hope you are enjoying the last bit of your vacation! Safe travels the rest of the way home.

Margrita said...

CB great videos thanks so much for sharing them with us. What an awesome boat ride you had. Safe travels back to Dutch Harbor.