Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick days and The Election..........

Hi everyone!
Been Pretty sick the past few days and the weather has been CRAP!!! So no new outside photos.
The Election occurred Tuesday and there were a few Suprises!

As if there was ANY doubt about who I would vote for CD!!!

"Borrowed" From Our Fabulous Local Radio/TV Station KUCB!
Peck wins re-election; Schasteen beats Southworth

KUCB News (2009-10-07)
UNALASKA, AK (kucb) - Five hundred forty-one voters cast ballots in yesterday's municipal election for two city council members and a school board member. In the race for city council seat F, Zac Schasteen received more than twice the number of votes than incumbent Skip Southworth. Schasteen had 70 percent of the total with 372 votes. Southworth received 158.

Schasteen said he looks forward to playing a larger role in the community and "more than anything I just appreciate everybody's support. And I look forward to hearing from people when issues come up and even when there aren't really any issues going on. Having public input is so important to me."

Some of Schasteen's goals for the upcoming three-year term include preparing the community for the potential opening of the Northwest Passage and researching potential free trade zones for the region. He also wants to pave more roads.

Four people officially filed to run for city council seat G, two as declared candidates and two as write-ins. Incumbent Dick Peck took 46 percent of the vote with 243 ballots cast in his favor. Don Graves, his official opponent, had 187 votes. The write-in category took only 91 votes total. That was too few to force a hand count of the ballots, so it is unclear how many votes Sean Makarin and Jessica Culp each received.

Peck said he is happy to be serving a second term for the community and is thankful for the support. In the next three years he said he wants to implement the changes put forth in the new strategic plan being developed by HyettPalma.

Hopefully better weather today later....though not right now!!!

"The other thing that we need to do is to take the current consulting report from Northern Economics and come up with solutions to funding the ports and the growth of the ports that we need," he said.

He will also focus on energy conservation and renewable energy options in Unalaska.

Mel.... M............ ran unopposed for school board seat A and received 450 votes. The write-ins received 46, though no one ran an official write-in campaign.

The city still needs to count about 30 absentee ballots on Friday before the results are official, however none of the winners will change.


Kim said...

yay CD!! HUGS CB hope you are starting to feel a little better. I recommend more rest, more chicken noodle soup, and some Hugs! You cant take care of all our "boys" up there if you are too sick to take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

CB, Why dont you just post CD's first and last name on that posting. With a couple of more clicks its possible to get quite a bit of personal information about her. I assume she would like a little privacy or she would be using her real name in the first place. The internet can be a dangerous place, we should try and protect each others privacy.

mamawas said...

How did the smoking proposition fair CB???
City council banned smoking I know, but for some readon I thought it was going to the voters.


Margrita said...

WAHOO WAY TO GO CD!!! Cb I think a victory BBQ when she returns from Cabo is needed LOL. CB gets plenty of Vitamin C, lots of warm Soups, Hot tea, juice and try a little alcohol to help ward of the yucky feeling. Thanks for posting the results from the election. Get some rest and hope you feel better sending good thoughts of better weather your way.

Cookie Dough said...

LOL thanks annoymous but I think anyone who cares who I am can figure it out in about 30 seconds I fear! Why would anyone care?? I'm just a mom --and this week a re-elected school board member, and a silly fan of SH and blogging on my deck in Cabo soooooo life is good, not whining about ANYTHING!
Margarita...maybe a party, not sure about BBQing in the wind and rain that will most likely be a nearly daily occurance.

Anonymous said...

CB. I am convinced that you did not get sick in the UK.
Funny how many of us start feeling like crap three days after flying in the sardine can from Anchorage to Dutch.

Carlisleboy said...

Oh, I got over the cold in the UK, This one I can definately blame on Penn Air and the "Sardine Can" that is never cleaned properly for a three hour flight that costs MORE than my entire round trip to the UK and back!!!

Cookie Dough said...

OK gonna jinx myself...I NEVER get sick after flying Penair and everyone knows I manage a trip 10x a year...
'jus I'll have swine flu by next SAT.

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