Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Brunch Grab Bag, Where are the smoothies?, Fall Colors of Unalaska, Idiot Camping, and Food of the UK and France

It is looking to be a beautiful day up Dutch Harbor way..............

.....even though the days keep getting shorter and shorter.

Nummy, Crispy sausages and bacon!!!

Be sure to try a biscuit, Junior made them Yesterday!
And the Plum BBQ Chicken is Really amazing!!!

Hey, wait a minute!!! What is Missing From this salad table?

There are no Smoothies!!! Kim needs her smoothies!!! Junior, Where are the Smoothies?

"I'm Not done with them yet....Go show some photos of the desserts I worked my A$$ off on!"

Can you tell CB is getting his appetite back after a week of being sick?

"Hi Mom! Smoothies are almost done, Just need to put some whipped Cream on them!"

Now, Some people, have been complaining that since we have no trees we do not have real "Fall" Colors, that it just goes from Green to Brown.....I beg to differ:

There are Browns, Yellows, Greens........

........Reds, Pinks..........

...and even Oranges that easily match the colors I grew up with in Northern PA.

Just Checking in on Our "Rock" CD and Dills. Have to make a trip there when you get back BTW............

If he is still there and not killed by falling rock you can see the most idiotic Camper in the world's tent.

Now, just a Grab bag of food photos to celebrate my feeling a bit better........

My Sunday Brunch on September 20th in the UK. Top was Breakfast at a roadside cafe on the way to Loch Ness after escaping Edinburgh.

And this was a Hunter's Chicken I had at a small little restaurant in Drumdrocharit at Loch Ness.

HAH!!!! Try to give me a ticket for speeding Now UPD!! A little out of your jursidiction!!

A Pretty Typical Breakfast in the UK for me. The Sausages were good as long as they cooked them long enough, and I like mushrooms.

I had Ice Cream at Stonehenge!

I count this as my Sunday Brunch for Sept 27-28. SOOOO wonderful!

I still have to give Dills these cookies.........

Cardiff and Mermaid Quay.......ate most of my meals in Cardiff here.

Although as I was speeding around there were plenty of stops at Roadside Rests.

This was one of the Restaurants in Cardiff at Mermaid Quay.........they also filmed some Torchwood Episodes here.

And of Course there is always McDonald's.............

And Finally my First Real meal in the UK, Steak and Cider at a pub. Great Place!!

So, Now that CB is feeling better expect lots more pictures of the DC stuff happening in Town. Dates to watch for are the 13th, which will be the "Fisherman's Halloween" and the 15 which is the start of the King Crab Season. Also CD and Captain T will be back on Wednesday so I am looking forward to that.

Have a Great Day



mamawas said...

CB so glad you reposted the Harbor map for our newest members to save for future reference.

Your revisit of the European foods was good too.

Mom's coming home soon, Junior will be more on track with regular maternal guidance (grandma thanks for letting that 20th anniversary trip happen!!)

Mary C said...

It looks great CB! Thanks for all the pictures and commentary!

CaliGirl9 said...

As always, quite delicious. All of it. Especially the chocolate.
I appreciate the map—I have a better sense of what's up there, and didn't realize the geography wasn't that simple.
CB, is the mountain the Hillstrands' daddy is buried upon part of this map? I always love the way they say "hello" to him with M-80s on deck.

Carlisleboy said...

No Cali Girl, That mountain is way over by the mainland in Kodiak I believe. No hills with trees around here!!

Margrita said...

Wonderful brunch CB loved the missing Smoothies.... hmm perfection takes time. LOL

Love the most idiotic camper I think I would pass sleeping in that tent just too close to falling rocks. Awesome fall color pictures. You have more color then we do right now. The cool rain and wind are making a lot of the trees just drop their leaves before they can change.
Can't wait to see all your DC pics.
PUHLEASE PUHLEASE POSSIBLE MAYBE even just a small section a picture of Capt. T's boat. CD sent me one of it in ice that is just awesome.

CaliGirl9 said...

Thanks, CB. I guess it's editing that made me think they say hello to their father on the way out ... they must make a special trip to "visit" their pop.

The Deadliest Catch just oversimplifies the geography of Alaska ... "the vast Bering Sea" is pretty vague :)

You have a great week, and I hope you get the time to post more vacation photos. It's the closest I'll get to a vacay this year!

Böj10girl said...

I got snagged by the idea of Plum BBQ Chicken. I can almost smell it ... why am I hungry all of a sudden.

Thanks for the map. It's great. I'm always trying to figure out where things are in relation to the CTI dock cams.

AlaskanDave said...

C'mon, you're killing us with the Sunday brunch pictures...!

Good job Jr on the desert & smoothies

Mystic said...

Well...I gained 5 lbs just looking at all the food in this blog!
I'm glad your better hon...

Kim said...

Love ya to death CB. thanks for the smoothies! Thank you Junior! Any chance of us getting the plum chicken recipe?

*CJ* said...

Am glad you are better and back in full swing. Love those delicious desserts. The UK pics were wonderful to see too. Glad you could go and enjoy. Thank you for the reposted map too. My other half will quit asking me the unidentified ships with the search engine I hope. Take care and best to you. CJ

Kim said...

Oooh wouldnt mind the recipe for that chocolate cake either. YUMMY!!

Cori said...

ohhh my those brunch goodies make me drool !!!! So nice to see the fall piccs .. .what beautiful colours out there i never would have imagined it !!! Thanks for the map too .. as Donna said it give us newbies a much better picture of things !! I so enjoy your blogs so far and will be visiting often ..!
~ Cori :D

Kim said...

Bad Cori. Bad juju. no leaving it at post 13. Murray is inc CB. he just posted on Myspace!

Corey said...

You have more fall colors than here in Florida that's for sure. Our highs are still in the 90's and with the heat index feels like 100's. I keep closing my eyes trying to pic how nice and cool it is there. By the way I don't think I've ever seen such a great looking sunday brunch in my life!

Frieda said...

The Brunch crew really outdid themselves this week! I am glad you are better CB. Take better care of that tailbone!

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